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All I Care About Is You  by zaidaw75
All I Care About Is You by zaida
Wei Ying almost died two years after being taken to the YunmengJiang sect. He was safe and taken away by two unknown people. A better future awaits. A fateful meeting. A...
❤Yearning for Love❤ (Completed✔ ) by pratimamahajan
❤Yearning for Love❤ (Completed✔ )by pratimamahajan
A girl who is betrayed by her so called friends and family. The people whom she trusted in her life became her worst nightmares. She didn't know when the people whom sh...
THE BLACK HEIRESS BOOK 2 (SLOW UPDATE ) by ladymorgernstern
THE BLACK HEIRESS BOOK 2 (SLOW ladymorgernstern
🔔ON HIATUS🔔 If someone told her that her family wouldn't be just she and papa years ago, she wouldn't hesitate to threw that person into the lake behind her house. Pap...
little bluebird          ( wmmap )  by forest_mills
little bluebird ( wmmap ) by 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭 ✿
not completed, but adopted by another author!!! ∘ .· ★ | LITTLE BLUEBIRD ⎡ a boy called Achilles, a name meaning pain & the past to prove it...
Kiss Me Slowly by EJean1317
Kiss Me Slowlyby Liza Jean
For 14 years, Ethan has been alone. He's had no one (besides his foster father) since his mother left him. He doesn't remember a lot of that night. Then one fateful day...
You're The Only One (COMPLETED) by GlamorousMia
You're The Only One (COMPLETED)by Queen Bey👑
The Back And Forth Just Ain't Hittin It. Find Out What Happens?
Claimed 《Book 2》 by AlysiaOlivas
Claimed 《Book 2》by Alysia Olivas
The Legends Say That Every Year A Boy Just Barely Seventeen Is Given To The House On Top Of The Largest Hill In The Village, Inside The House Waits Eight Demons Ready To...
Bonded Bliss by Dreamlikeusers
Bonded Blissby Dreamlikeusers
A perfect story of two opposite characters. What happens when they accept the nupital because of compulsion???? Are you interested to travel with Nishanth Dhuruvan and D...
From My Perspective (BWBM) by kiramcneil
From My Perspective (BWBM)by kiramcneil
26-year-old Cleo Mitchell was always given everything she wanted. She wanted a new car, it was handed to her. She wanted to go to Paris, her dad personally flew her ther...
Learn Myself  by mirandaraecruz
Learn Myself by mirandaraecruz
Sometimes the shoe fits, if it doesn't- save it for later.
Christmas To Christmas  by Dragon--torch
Christmas To Christmas by Dragon--torch
On Christmas Eve 2009, Jacob and Lucas each made a promise that the two of them would always find their way back to each other at Christmas. Now after ten years away, Lu...
A Kiss Under The Kismet Tree  by KBMallion
A Kiss Under The Kismet Tree by KBMallion
The letters had strangely stopped from my long-time American pen pal, until I got another letter to explain the sad reason why. Devastated to learn that Sara had tragic...
Moonvern Academy (The Lost Prince) by jayram_story
Moonvern Academy (The Lost Prince)by R_B_B
Sa Moonvern matatagpuan ang mga taong may kakaibang kakayahan na gumamit ng apat na elemento ito ang apoy, lupa, tubig, at hangin. ang bawat lupain ay may kanya kanyang...
A Shelter to Call Home by red_sky97
A Shelter to Call Homeby Red Sky
**UNEDITED: The current work is unedited. If a jarring error lurches forth from the pages and stabs you in the eye, be warned, I can offer you no salve** Sylvian and Cal...
𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓬𝓴 𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓮 | Harry Potter X Reader by Littlemochix17
𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓬𝓴 𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓮 | Harry Littlemochix17
join Harry Potter and (y/n) (l/n) in their journey to the wizarding world, learn more about their families and make new friends! Book: 1 Series: Harry Potter x reader
Chasing Angels In The Dark by oliviadanam
Chasing Angels In The Darkby oliviadanam
In the midst of the Apocalypse War between humans and angels, Diletta, a disabled young woman, is on a mission to rescue the archangel she is in love with from a secret...
Our Happiness  by R3b3cca09
Our Happiness by Rebecca
this is the second part to my book finding happiness and continues straight after the last chapter. Happiness was an unfamiliar word to all the siblings. All the sibling...
Finish The Unfinished season 2  ✔ by JannatulMauaPinky
Finish The Unfinished season 2 ✔by Jannatul Maua Pinky
Cover credit @MeghaMiglani it starts Where everything has finished It smiles When every body cries It feels When feelings ar...
Measuring Up The Weavers! (Finding Happiness 2) by Regnado
Measuring Up The Weavers! ( Regan
Y'all wanted some updates on the Finding Happiness fam and all those dang kids! Well here it is! We'll follow the kids and parents skipping a few years to the most impor...
Sunshine in the Dark {Sam Uley} by solemnsongsk
Sunshine in the Dark {Sam Uley}by Trina
Emerson Baker is a tired individual. Tired of disappointing her mom, tired of the town where too many people know her, tired of being used and mistreated, and most impor...