Chapter 45

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"And it just shows again: Family is everything."


The past few days have been exciting, exhausting, and absolutely confusing at the same time.

I did a lot for my studies; I transcribed that interview with Dr. Avian, and I did a ton of soul-searching after I gave her another call to thank her for the interview again. She really is inspiring as hell, and I'm considering switching specialties, although that is another talk for future-Mia.

Present-Mia asked my family to give me a few days to come to terms with everything. I had another therapy session and my therapist helped me sift through the actual emotions, to figure out how to go forward now.

And it helped... I know what I have to do; I know how I have to act, what I have to say... But I absolutely could not have gone that far without Link. He was a total rock, the whole time. I insisted he went to work, and he didn't fight me on that, luckily, but in the time he spent at my apartment every night he did his best to console me, to calm my rage when it flared up again.

He just showed again how much he can love, how much he can give and offer, if he just lets himself. And it's incredible to watch, really. How understanding he is, how he just knows what I need every second of every day.

My phone chimes, announcing a new text message from Lincoln, who should be off his shift soon. "Take out?"

I can't help but laugh, thinking that he somehow read my mind again, even from afar. "You know it. Chinese?"

"Veggie Ramen?" And again his response makes me laugh, because I was just thinking that I haven't had proper ramen in a while.

"You're perfect. Love you."

His response is a heart and a sun emoji, I learned that it's his way of saying I love you via text. I have a fair idea why, but Lincoln being Lincoln, he's mysterious as always with his nicknames and metaphors.

But I can't deny that I love it, every single moment of it. As much as these past events had me feeling scattered and even insecure at times, it wasn't half as bad, because Lincoln just makes me happy. I never realized how much can change when you actually rely on someone else.

Don't get me wrong, I learned the hard way that my parents will always be there for me. Both of them have been my rock after Pops died, as they were with everything I went through in my past. But I'm not someone that easily admits to the fact that they need help, never have been. Both my therapist and the fact that Link proves day after day just how much he has changed, made me realize that I need someone outside of all of this, someone who sees me as the woman I am, not as the daughter, granddaughter or sister I usually am.

"Hey, sola." His voice behind me startles me, but before I can even think of jumping out of my skin, he has his arms wrapped around me from behind, the all too familiar scent of disinfectant and his aftershave invading my senses.

"Evening, handsome... How was work?" I turn to press a kiss on his lips.

"I missed you," he whispers into the kiss and as always he deepens it immediately, letting me know just how much he means those words.

I smile when I lean back, placing his hand on my cheek when he just studies me, the love in his eyes immediately catching me off guard again. "You're here now."

He nods his head. "I am. How was your day?"

"I'm hungry," I answer, and he just laughs, pressing another kiss on my nose before he gets up and brings me the food, including a spoon from the kitchen.

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