Chapter 3

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"She still looks like a fucking angel. An angel that was sent from both heaven and hell, because as beautiful as she is, she is also a dangerous, tempting sin."


Life has been testing me today, it seems.

Because had I known that this hurricane of a woman would be here tonight... I definitely would not have left the house.

But I didn't know. And so it happened that I simply wanted to catch my breath and have a nice cold whiskey at the bar down the street. What happened instead, though, should be written in the book of irony. Because fuck, my heart threatened to tear out of my chest when I noticed the petite girl with unmistakable chocolate brown hair.

She strode in here with purpose, her whole body oozing confidence and self-assurance as she studied the bar intently. My heart almost broke apart when she turned around, those gorgeous ocean blue eyes settling on someone at the other end of the bar. 

The way she looked should've been illegal. Really. She's a work of art, one that no Picasso or Rembrandt or Monet on this earth could've painted, simply because she is so goddamn unique.

I ended up watching her half the night, observing how she took a couple of shots and then danced with her friend, the way her hips moved to the music, her hair flowing with her motions when she so freely swung to the rhythm... Fuck. It drove me crazy.

And that's exactly why I decided to leave, just then. Because I knew this woman still had an inexplicable effect on me. A dangerous, but oh so fucking beautiful impact that shattered my earth back then, and definitely would do so again if I wasn't careful enough.

I knew it was the best for both of us, I knew it was wrong on so many levels. And so I paid for my drinks and made my way through the crowd, doing my best to avoid any sight of the fallen angel on the dancefloor.

But as I said, the Gods tested me today, and so it happened that one of my medical interns recognized me, and for some fucking reason thought he should speak to his attending.

"Hey! Dr. Grey!" 

He appeared in my peripheral vision and I tried to ignore him, I really did. But soon enough I felt his hand on my elbow, making me turn around to face him.

I recognized him immediately. I knew who he was, I knew who he was here with, and I knew I definitely should find a way out of this.

"Dr. Esperanza." I nodded at him, trying to be polite.

"Hi! Sorry, I don't mean to bother you. I just saw you were on your own and was just wondering if you wanted to join us."

If it wasn't so goddamn ironic, it really would've been a nice gesture. Finn Esperanza is a good and honest doctor, he knows what he's doing and he has always been very kind to everyone. I stayed away from him, for obvious reasons, but I still couldn't help but notice just how brilliant of a student he is.

He nodded towards the bar, where I noticed Mia and her friend ordering something. Even though I only saw the back of her black blouse, I simply knew how goddamn good she must have looked, all sweaty and flushed from her dancing act.

"I'm here with my siblings and some friends, I'm sure they'd love to meet you." 

He spoke with almost a shade of hope in his voice, and I couldn't help but glance at the high table at the other end of the bar, where I spotted Mia's other brother just a few minutes before. He was luckily otherwise occupied, and I honestly had to suppress a laugh at the doctor in front of me, he obviously has no idea who I am to Mia.

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