Chapter 29

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"It will be a day to remember."


Why the fuck did I even let that happen?

My goddamn brain still shuts off when he's close to me, how the hell is that possible?!

I'm still fuming when I get on my Big Lady and drive to Grams's house. My dad's parents will be there today, as well. Ever since Pops died we all make an effort to visit her regularly, Grams has always been a family person and we want to make sure she doesn't feel lonely. Mom even wanted her to move in, but Grams insisted they'd need their private space. She doesn't know that dad is still negotiating with the realtor to buy the house right next door, I'm sure she'd flip if she knew.

But that's what we do in this family. We help each other out, even if it sometimes happens to be a blessing in disguise.

"Hey, Grams!" I place my helmet on the counter in the hallway as I call out and make my way into the kitchen, seeing my grandmothers and grandpa sitting at the table, cups of coffees in their hands. I give Grams a kiss on the cheek but give the other two a tight hug. They're rarely at home, ever since they retired they're traveling the country, making up for the lost time they spent on their business. "Hey, travelers. How was Alaska?"

"Cold as hell, that's what it was!" Grandma shivers at the thought, and I can't help but laugh. "Well, I did tell you that beforehand," I wiggle my finger at them. Sometimes I feel like I'm their grandmother, not the other way around.

"That didn't make it any less cold though, honey," Grandpa says and I just roll my eyes as I take a seat next to Grams, pulling over her cup of coffee.

"Hey!" she exclaims, but I just shrug as I take a sip. It's incredible how much their presence grounds me, I already feel much lighter than just minutes before, the incident with Lincoln seemingly fleeing my mind.

Grams slaps my arm, still looking at me with wide eyes. "Grams, you know you have to cut the caffeine," I retort.

"I can still drink a cup a day!"

"And you're telling me this is your first cup of the day?" I raise an eyebrow, and she just blinks a few times, not saying anything, until Grandpa speaks up, "Okay I'm just gonna say it: That was her third."

"Leo!" Both of my grandmothers exclaim and Grandpa looks utterly unimpressed when his wife slaps the back of his head. "God, since when do we rat out to the kids? What's wrong with you?"

I stifle a laugh when Grandma shakes her head at her husband, and Grams just crosses her arms in front of her chest while I sip her coffee, simply enjoying this moment.

"Grams, we're still up for Saturday, right?"

"You mean for the zoo? Of course! I haven't been there in ages." She smiles, and I give her shoulder a quick squeeze as I reply, "We will have a real granddaughter-grams day. With cotton candy."

That makes her laugh, "Wow. Cotton candy... Another thing I didn't have in ages."

"See? It will be a day to remember."


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