Chapter 38

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"My mind isn't strong enough to withstand this connection, this powerful inception of passion and desire between us."


It was one of those days again.

One of those days where nothing went right and absolutely everything went wrong - on so many levels.

But I know I have to focus now, have to work through my coping techniques to not let those emotions overwhelm me. Because truth be told, I can't fucking wait for this dinner tonight, and I already texted Mia to make sure she knew just that.

"I'll be done in twenty minutes and come pick you up then. Can't wait to see you xx"

I didn't have much time to go back home and change, but I luckily saw that coming this morning and came prepared with a fresh set of clothes. This job takes a lot of time out of my life, but it's everything I ever wanted to do, and I learned to cope with the struggles it offers on a daily basis.

After a quick shower and getting changed into my clothes I glance on my watch, realizing I need to hurry, and so I rush out of the hospital, checking my phone to see a message from Mia on the screen.

"Can't wait ;)"

I'm grinning from ear to ear by the time I reach the hospital entrance, taking a deep breath of the fresh air outside until my eyes settle on something that steals that exact breath right out of my lungs.

Mia stands there, leaning against her motorcycle with a smile on her face, her eyes trained right on me. I swear to all the gods up there - she looks so stunning, every damn thing about her just screams confidence and mystery. It's the sexiest look I have ever seen, and it's becoming harder and harder by the second to not just throw all reservations over board and do whatever the hell I want with her right here and now.

She just gets all my attention as soon as she steps into my view. When she showed up here a few days ago she had that exact same effect - all worries and the heaviness of the day just dissipate as soon as I lay eyes on her, as soon as I see that bright smile on her face.

I must have stood still for a moment, people are throwing me weird glances and Mia raises an eyebrow, obviously asking what's wrong with me. God, the answer to that is a long one, that much I know. I make my way over to her, trying to ignore all the stares the male population throws her way, even though they irritate the fuck out of me.

"Hey, handsome," she says with a sexy as sin smirk on her face when I reach her, and I almost have to stifle a laugh from the surreality of this situation. Here she stands in all glory, leather jacket and some tight jeans showing off her perfect figure.

"Hi." I reach for her hand and tug her in my direction as soon as I'm close enough, and she immediately gives in, smashing against my chest with a quiet thud. I can still feel people's eyes on us, but I especially feel the surprised stares of my male colleagues, taking in the woman that now belongs to me.

And maybe it's that, or maybe it's the residue of irrational jealousy from last night's meeting with her friends, but I don't even hesitate when I see the look in her eyes, the spark that makes me feel alive in more ways than one. I lean down and just take her, capture her lips like they were my own. And I don't think I'll ever get tired of this feeling - this high that's coursing through my veins as soon as our lips collide. I just know that I'm a full-blown addict again, craving another shot, another mind-blowing collision of our bodies.

"Link..." she whispers her warning against my lips, and for once I actually listen to her, knowing that I'm already losing myself in her touch. I lean back and look at her, that fire in her eyes warming every frozen inch of my soul with its intensity.

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