Chapter 19

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"It's astounding, really, how the weight of this day instantly washes away as soon as I touch him, how the compelling chemistry between us creates a potion that simply obliterates any trace of anxiety in my soul."


I'm glad I took the motorcycle today. The rush of riding down the roads, of feeling the wind smash against my body with every mile I pass sends me on a high I so desperately crave right now.

It gives me a new sense of life, the adrenaline coursing through my veins drowns my mind in serenity. I need this like I need the air to breathe right now. Because this day emotionally exhausted me in every way imaginable. And as much as I love my family, as much as I enjoyed the time pops and I spent with grandma and my mom, right now I only want to get home.

I just want to feel Link's arms around me, want him to hold me so tight that I feel his body more than my own.

And so I can't help but rush up the stairs after I park my motorcycle in the garage, quickly waving hello to George who just shoots me a kind smile while I take two stairs at a time. The scent of basil and tomato lingers in the air when I reach the apartment door, and I can't help but furrow my brows as I turn my key in the lock.

"Link?" I call out when I close the door behind me while slipping out of my shoes and jacket, the delicious smell only getting stronger when I walk down the hallway. But I stop dead in my tracks when my eyes properly take in my surroundings, my mouth hanging open in shock.

"What the hell..."

There are dozens and dozens of candles lit all around the apartment, the whole space glows in soothing golden light. I notice the living room looks freakishly clean, the books that were scattered around the room are now neatly organized in the bookshelf that I too rarely use, and the pictures of my family I printed a few weeks ago are now framed and hanging all over the walls of my apartment. I'm bad at interior decorating, and I'm also not the most organized person in my own home, so I've never actually gotten around to decorate.

"You're home early..." Link's voice makes me spin around, and I find him leaning against the kitchen doorframe, a dish towel effortlessly thrown over his shoulder. He looks formidably good today. It even looks like there's something different about him, there's this glimmer in his eyes, this animalistic aura surrounding him gives off an almost dangerous vibe.

"I uh..." he clears his throat before scratching the back of his head, "I wanted to be done before you got here..."

And I can't help but stare at him. All sanity has fled my mind apparently because I am utterly unable to make sense of this situation.

"What is this?" I finally manage to ask, knowing that my brain needs a jumpstart if I want to get somewhere, today.

"Can you..." Link looks almost nervous when he grabs the towel from his shoulder before he continues, "Can you wait in the living room? I'll come and join you in a minute..."

I nod my head, maybe it'll give me enough time to actually understand what is going on. "Sure."

There's a shy smile on his lips before he turns around and walks back into the kitchen, and I spin around as well, taking a deep breath as I plop down on the armchair.

I take in the room, the candles illuminating it create a warm and light atmosphere, and I can't help but wonder. Why?

Did I forget anything? Is today a special day, somehow? If yes, then I have no idea what it could be about.

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