Chapter 15

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"Oh, you're kidding me..." I chuckle as I make my way to the door, and of course when I open it there she stands, a jar of flour in her hand and a huge ass grin on her face. "The pantry, Mia? Really?"


I feel happy.

After months of misery and pain, I finally feel happy. I think I forgot what that was like, to be honest.

"Hey..." her soft voice vibrates against my skin and I immediately feel the smile crossing my lips, just hearing her calms my heart.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," I whisper before brushing some hair out of her face, and she instantly nestles into my neck, a quiet yawn escaping her throat as she rubs her nose against my skin.

"Hmm..." she moans into my neck while I run my fingers through her hair, trying to sort out the mess she created while sleeping. "What time is it?" 

I can't help but watch the way she throws her arm around me, cuddling closer to me in an attempt to stay comfortable. It amuses me, since usually, I'm the one that sleeps in. But ever since that night, ever since we both just did what we wanted to... Things have changed. I have changed. Dr. James is afraid I'm too dependent on her, which is probably true, but I just can't help myself... When he suggested that I stay away from her two weeks ago, I almost lost it. The sole thought of not having her to come home to has me terrified, I can't even imagine life without her by now.

And I know that it's wrong, I know I shouldn't let myself rely on someone else, but I can't change it. I mean, just look at her, the hair wildly sprawled across her face, her lips curled into this tired smile that just takes my breath away... It's mesmerizing as hell.

"It's ten A.M...." I finally answer, and she immediately sits up, her eyes opening in a flash and taking in the room like she just got kidnapped.

"What? Ten?! Why didn't you wake me?! How did I even sleep this long?!"

"Hey," I chuckle, "would you calm down?" I gently tug at her elbow, letting her fall on top of me with a thud.

"Link!" she squeals, "We have to get up!"

I can't help but laugh when she tightens her legs around my waist, straddling me properly before pouting like a little girl.

"Why? Where do we have to go?" It's stupid to ask, really. I know she wouldn't forget this.

"Link..." she whispers with a sympathetic expression on her face, her hands intertwining with mine which she then rests on her face, letting me feel her warm skin. She's been doing that a lot, apparently it's how she gets me out of my nightmares, not that I remember much of it when I wake up from the demons that haunt me. It's been better lately, really. But I know it probably won't just disappear. I'll deal with this for the rest of my life.

"I know, I know..." I finally give in, pulling her down to me to press a swift kiss on her lips. She tries to move back, but I can't help myself, I just have to feel her again, and so I sit up with her, pressing her against me with my arms circled around her back. It's the same spiel every morning, but I honestly feel like I'm addicted to her touch, like I just can't live without it.

"Come on, handsome, I'll make you breakfast..." she whispers against my lips, but I keep on attacking her, keep stealing kisses she obviously cannot deny me. "Link..." she breathes out, "I'll even make you pancakes if you get up now."

That makes me laugh, and I can't help but pull back again before I study her with a raised brow. "Pancakes? When did we ever make pancakes?"

But she just grins, her flat palms on my chest pushing me back on the bed, the devilish grin on her face igniting every fiber of my body before she speaks, "Never. But it did distract you, didn't it?" she winks before jumping off of me, leaving me speechless and absolutely gobsmacked as she runs into the living room, her laugh echoing around the apartment.

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