Chapter 7

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Glacey's pov.

We out a stake on all of Darren's class mates that sit around him in Debbie's class. I walked in the shadows looking for anymovement. I told dad Debbie would slow me down and she should go with him, he nodded and I walked around a neighbor hood then Darren radioed me! They had him their sights and he was leaving a blood trail! I took to the roof tops and soon met up with the others. Dad carried Debbie on his back because she could run as fast as us. We all skidded to a halt when we came to a man hole. Vancha took point then me, then Debbie, then Darren and Harkat, and finally dad. We walked through the tunnels following the blood trail. We soon came face to face with a group of vampaneze. "Glacey get out of here!",my dad hissed. "No. I'm not afraid.", I said. "Well well well. It nice to see my old friend! Darren!", one with hooked hands smiled gleefully. Soon enough he turned out to be a homeless guy who got his hands bitten off by the wolf man. We were about to fight till I spotted someone in the back of the tunnel. "Vancha! Your brother!", I screamed! He spun around and his eyes widened. Then he stood in front of me protectively. I looked at him and his eyes were trained on the vampaneze lord and his brother. Then we saw a knife pressed to Debbie's throat and Steve holding it. Darren tackled Steve and dad and Harkat locked blades with vampaneze. Vanchas eyes darted around watching for any vampaneze that got close to me. Then all fighting stopped and I took my chance to look around. Everyone looked at the vampaneze lord. Darren held Steve hostage as R.V. held Debbie the same way. "Well isn't it the great vampire princess herself.", Gannon grinned. "Of course. You don't think I would miss a party like this do you?", I asked sarcastically. He laughed a little. "Well brother, it's been a while.", Gannon said with not a hint of mockery in his voice. "It has.", Vancha agreed. "Well I don't want to kill you. At least not yet. But I will make a deal with you. If Glacey comes up here and fights me and our lord you are free to go while she fights. Or you can stay and watch. Then there is another proposal, I will give you fifteen minutes to find your way out of the tunnels then I will set the troops loose. They will hunt you down and kill you. Witch will it be brother?", Gannon asked. Vancha turned to me and the others who had made their way to us. "Glacey do you think you could handle them?", Harkat asked me. "Even if she can she is not going to try.", dad said. I looked at him. He glared at me to not test him. Vancha agreed. "We will run.", Vancha said. I hated the sound of those words. "Very well. Time starts now!", Gannon said and we turned and ran. Harkat pulled a vampet behind him as Darren had Steve. We had to leave Debbie behind.

We ran through the tunnels and I had been counting off the seconds in my head. We were at the ten minute mark and were starting to see dim light. Then Vancha stopped. "You go ahead I'll catch up.", he ordered. The others nodded and I jogged back to Vancha. "What are you doing?", I asked. "Making some fake trails. Go on before your to far behind.", he said. "But Van-", I started then I was cut off by his lips on mine, it was just a quick peck and I looked at him wide eyed. He never seem to stop taking my breath away every time he did that. "I'll be fine.", he said and kissed my cheek and was gone in the darkness nearly invisible.

We pushed ahead and Vancha had been picking of vampaneze and vampets one by one. We were in a the newest tunnels and could see the end where we entered. "There they go!!", a voice rang through the tunnels and then Vancha snapped his neck but one second to late. The vampaneze had found us and we could see them and they could see us! Vancha dropped back and released a hail of shurikens! I saw he was beginning to struggle and dropped back and grabbed a belt off of his chest! I slung them as hard as I could and when they were far enough back Vancha spun me around blessed his hand to the small of my back and pushed me ahead of him! When we got to the man hole Vancha threw me up the ladder and he jumped right behind me!

We got to the apartments and Vancha dragged the vampet into a separate room. I grabbed the medical supplies and walked over to dad. I cleaned his cuts and and moved on to Harkat and Darren. I then cleaned my own then we fell silent. I cut my eyes up at Steve and he had a satisfied twisted smile on his face. "What are you smiling about?", I snapped. "Just waiting to escape.", he smirked. "Good luck.", I laughed, he stared at me darkly. But he kept his mouth shut. About two hours later Vancha walked into the room. His eyes dark and he had red blood stains all over his hands. "Is he dead?", Darren asked. "Yes, by the time I was finished it seemed cruel to let him live.", Vancha said with bitter tears in his eyes. He grabbed a warm bottle of beer and downed it quickly. "Well thank god for small mercies!", Steve laughed wickedly! Vancha spun and sent a shuriken flying at him! He glared at Steve as the sharp throwing star buried it self in the wall less than half a inch under Steve's left ear. "I won't miss with next.", Vancha swore. "Vancha.", I said gently and laid a hand on his strong arm. He looked at me with soft yet dark eyes. "Sit and rest. Save your energy. ", I said. He nodded and threw the empty beer bottle at Steve. He just knocked it to the floor as we turned away. I sat Vancha down and cleaned the cuts he had and then we all sat back in silence but none of us dared to go to sleep with Steve in the room.

Vanchas pov.

We all shot up when we heard a voice boom from out side! All of us except Steve. I ran to the wall and I felt rage course through my veins. "Damnit!", I snapped! "What is it?", Harkat asked. "Humans.", I said. "What!?", Glacey snapped. We were surrounded. They knew our names and we found out Steve had sent them after us! I wanted to kill him then and there but Glacey stopped me saying we may need him later. I nodded. Then we decided Glacey was to flit to vampire mountain right when we busted through the window to surprise the humans! We counted off and then crashed through the window! Glacey spun fast and began to jog. Then a fire was shot off and she spun and it reflected off one of her steel cuffs she had taken during the fight, everyone stood in shock and confusion when she just disappeared. I ran and tackled the chief and held her to my chest threatening to kill her on the spot. She glared at me red faced! Boy was she pissed.

I made my way over to Larten and Darren. Larten had landed wrong and had sprung his ankle so that changed things dramatically. We decided I take the chief and run and wait for them that tunnels and if they were not there by midnight I was to go alone.

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