Chapter 9

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Glacey's pov.

Me and Vancha were finally mated and we made it to vampire mountain the next night. Arrow grinned and congratulated us. "I always knew this was coming! ", he laughed. We reported who the real lord is and it set a fire in the heart of the vampires that I have never seen! Then a woman walked in through the doors. "Lady Evanna!", I said. I stood and jumped from my throne. "I need to speak with you.", she said plainly. I nodded and we wen tot my quarters. "Glacey the princes know you are to end this war. But they do not know I have to unlock it.", she said, I nodded. "That's why I am here.mwhen you mated with Vancha I had to immediately unlock it our the war would be lost.", she said. She placed to hands on my forehead and murmured silent words under her breath. I felt a shock course through my veins and I shot up! "There it is done. ", she said. "What did you do? And what can I do different?", I asked. "You are resistant to my fathers magic. And you will fight better than ever. Run faster, be braver, get stronger and so on. Also you are now able to have children.", she said. "I'm not pregnant now am I?", I asked. She shook her head. I relaxed. "But the next time you mate with Vancha you will be pregnant. Destiny calls for it.", Evanna said. I nodded and she left in a flash. I walked back into the hall and just the princes where present, Vancha stood when he saw me. I waved him over. He walked over and I dragged him out.

"What is it?", he asked. "We can't do anything till we have to mate again to stay together.", I said. "Why?", Vancha asked. "I am now able to have children. Thanks to Evanna. But we are destined to have a child.", I said. "Why not now?", he asked. "Evanna said to wait our it could risk the child's life, and I think this is a one time thing. One time one birth.", I said. He nodded showing he understood. "I can at least kiss you right?", he asked playfully. "Does this answer your question?", I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. "Yea.", he breathed nodding. I smiled then I heard foot steps and I turned and there stood my father!

"DAD!", I gasped! "LARTEN!!", Vancha jumped away from me! "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING VANCHA!!!!?!?", my dad exploded! He was cornering Vancha! Vancha was ready for a fight but I didn't want a fight. "VANCHA HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!? WITH MY DAUGHTER!!!!???", my father yelled at the top of his lungs.we were in a big hall and I was thankful this one had thick walls or dad would attract attention. "ILL KILL YOU!!!!", my father yelled! That tore it! I jumped in between him and Vancha right when dad went to strike and I grabbed his arm and spun him around and kicked him away from Vancha! "YOU WILL NOT DARE TOUCH HIM!!!!!", I yelled madly at him! My father whirled around and glared at me! " Its destiny dad, there was no way of avoiding it.", I said calmly. "But why didn't you tell me something was going on! You just kept this from me!", dad yelled! "No I didn't! We were just official like 3 days ago!", I challenged him. His face went blank and he backed away. "I would never keep something like that away from you!", I snapped. "I'm sorry.", he said. "I'm sorry to both of you. Vancha I apologize sire for threatening you. ", dad said hanging his head low. "Dad it was just your instinct.", I said. "I know but I acted completely idiotic!", he said. "No Larten, if I had a daughter and I found out like this I would do the same thing.", Vancha said. Then we sat dad down and explained everything to him. He accepted the fact that it was coming and said he was happy for us. I just nodded knowing he was still trying to make since of this. "Where's Darren?", I asked. "He is with Seba and Vanez working on his training.", dad said. "He could use your help Glacey.", dad said. I nodded and Vancha grabbed my hand and led me to Darren.

Vancha's pov.

We walked in and Darren had just fallen flat on his back of the bars. Glacey shook her head and walked over. I followed her and I knew Darren was about to get the work out of his life. "Get up Darren.", she said. He got up and Glacey got up on the bars and he followed her. "You aren't rushing your opponent. I are rushing your self. That causes stupid mistakes. Vanez is blind and he took you down in less than two minutes. ", she said. I smirked. "Now fight your best and I mean as if you are fighting for your life against me. Because you are.", she said and Darren's face drained of all color. Then she struck! Darren blocked it as best as he could she swung her foot out and he caught and flipped her up and she landed on her feet gracefully. She spin her staff above her head and struck at his feet he bobbled and she struck his thigh and he cursed in pain! She swept his feet out from under him and he was a goner! He hit the dirt! But Glacey didn't stop! She dove for him and he barely rolled out of the way! "Glacey what are you doing!?", Seba snapped. "Teaching him!", she snapped. Her foot connected with Darren's head and he was knocked to the ground! She picked him up by his shirt and threw him into the wall across the hall! She ran as hard as she could with out flitting and went to drive him through the wall but he brought his feet up and kicked her away! She it the wall across the hall and was on her feet once again! They met in the middle and went hand to hand as fast as Darren could handle then Glacey swung him and round and held his head like she was about to snap his neck. She smirked. Darren was shaking with fear! She dropped him to the ground and he looked around confused. "Good job.", she smirked. "What!?", Darren gasped! "You just had your first taste of how I was trained.", Glacey smirked. "What was Mr. Crespley thinking with you!?", he gasped. "I was thinking for the best of my daughter.", Larten appeared and walked over to us. "Whats funny is she always thought it was funny.", he smirked. "Ain't my fault I found it fun! I got to beat my dad in fighting!", she chuckled. "It's not like I had a mother to teach me.", she said. Then her face fell. "Glacey who was your mother?"" Darren asked. "DARREN!!!!!!!", Larten snapped and slapped him on the back of the head! "DAD!!", Glacey snapped! "Your not to speak of her!!?", Larten snapped. "Why because I all of a sudden don't deserve to know who my mother is!?", Glacey snapped! Her words cold as ice. Larten glared at her. "Fine I know who will tell me.", she said and turned and walked out. I looked at Larten. "Why Larten? Why keep it from her?", I asked. "Because I don't want her to go through the pain unless she has to. But now it seems she has to. And it's my fault.", he said looking to the ground.

Glacey's pov.

It was time I learned the answer to the question I have asked my self since I was a child. "Seba!", I called into his store. "Yes child back here!", he called back. I found the vampire in the back of the store. "What is it child?", he asked. "Seba, who is my mother?", I asked. He dropped the book in his hands and whirled around. A shocked expression on his face. "Why do you ask?", he gasped. "I have decided it's time I learned who my more was, who cared for me when I was young and where she is now.", I said. "Child, it's hard to tell you this. Your father had me wipe your memory. You were 13 when it happened. You were the best assistant to your parents and could fight a grown vampire. But then a brawl came around and we'll let me show you.", he said. He pricked my fingers and his own and touched them together. A image of a woman with long brown hair showed she was fighting to protect me against a huge vampaneze! My father had his hands full I was hiding behind her defenseless. She killed the vampaneze. Then one came around and drove a knife right through her stomach!! She dropped to the ground and dad killed the vampaneze and held her in his arms crying and holding me. I stared at my mothers body I was covered in her blood crying wanting her to get up!

I shot away from Seba! I was breathing rapidly! I kept trying to un see what happened! I felt hot tears flow down my cheeks. "Wha- wha- what was her name?", I asked. "Arra.", Seba said. "She was the best of us. But she died protecting you. Her daughter.", Seba said sadly. "I'm the reason she's dead.", I said tears streaming down my face! I ran out and ran to my father! "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!", I sobbed into his chest. I felt him stroke my hair. "Shhhh. Now do you see why I didn't want you to know?", he asked softy. I nodded my head. My face still buried into his chest. "I'm the reason she is dead! I should have been killed! Not her!!", I sobbed! "She didn't deserve it! But I do! I deserve it!",I sobbed.

Larten's pov.

She sobbed and I just held her. Then she said it should have been her. I pulled her from my he's so I could look her in the eye. "Yes she died for you, but don't you dare say you deserve to die and that it should have been you! You are the one to end the war! Not her! She died for a reason. She died so you could live and thats enough of a reason for me. And should be for you.", I said softly yet sternly. She nodded and hugged me once again then we walked to my cell and she asked me questions about her mother and it warmed my heart to know how much she loved her mother even if she didn't really know her. But yet she did, in her heart.

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