Chapter 15

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Glacey's pov.

I heard a loud cheer all around me. I turned and Vancha ran towards me and picked me up and kissed me! I kissed him back and he led me on his waist with my legs wrapped around him! The girls ran over to us and we hugged them! Dad hugged me also and so did my mother! I was congratulated every time I turned around! "Mom you were great!", Jade hugged me. I kissed her head and Vancha laced a arm around my waist and kissed turned and the vampaneze were turning and leaving. So we did the same.

When we made it back to the mountain and there was a celebration! Vampires drank and danced happily. Jara danced with her sister and I was happy to finally have have her home. I watched as vampires danced and Vancha made his way over to me and he kissed me drunkly. I smelt the strong alcohol on him and I shook my head. Then he stumbled off to dance with the girls. I watched as my mate and my daughters danced. I then found my father and mother talking and dancing happily. I wouldn't want the war to end any other way, yes it was hard and yes it was a roller coaster, but out of it I got, a wonderful father and mother. Then I got a mate I love with all my heart. And my beautiful, and strong twin girls. This was my life and my legacy. And I wouldn't change a thing.

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