Chapter 14

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Glacey's pov.

I turned and there stood Tiny red faced and pissed as ever! " ILL KILL YOU!!!!", he screamed! I dove from his grasp! Then I felt the grip my sprung my neck again! He pulled me towards hi and I nailed him in the stomach! He realized me and I back away from him. His nails grew to long lengths and were like daggers! I pulled my knives! I had steel cuffs on and it confused him when he didn't cut my arm off! And spun and kicked him away and he came back almost instantly! I hissed at him and he sent me flying across the battle field into Gannon and Steve! They helped me up and I got a glimpse at their faces and they actually looked worried about me! Like they were on my side! Steve wasn't smiling and Gannon was smirking wickedly! I decided to turn the tables! I flirted and darted around Tiny! Confusing him! I sliced and cut him ever time I dashed around him! "STOP!!!!!", he screamed! And I was caught at the neck and he sent me flying! Still having a grip on my throat! I gagged and coughed! Then black!

Vancha's pov.

Glacey went limp! Tiny still held a grip then he dropped her and whirled around! Evanna stood ready to fight! I took my chance and ran to Glacey! She was pale and bruised around her neck! Her breathing was shallow! I picked her up and flitted back over to the vampires! Larten and the girls knelt beside us and we tried to wake her up! I threw snow on her face trying and holding the snow would wake her! I whipped it off and then I heard a loud scream of pain! I turned and Tiny had his hand in the stomach of his daughter Evanna! I turned back Glacey was sitting up eyes alert! "Girls I need your help.", she said. "Jade climb the tree beside the battle field and when I give the order jump and grab his heart shaped watch! Jara you fight with me. But let me kill him unless I'm already dead.", she said. The girls nodded and Jade ran off to the tree as Jara followed her mother to face Tiny once again. Jara and Glacey had Tinys head spinning. They flitted around him till Glacey screamed for Jade to jump. She snatched the watch from Tinys hand and stood beside her mother and sister. "No!!", he commanded. "Sorry.", Glacey said and before she could break the watch, a figure figure knocked her across the battle field over all of our heads!

Glacey's pov.

I felt all air leave my body and I hit a rock that knocked me from the air! I opened my eyes and there in front of me was a woman! I knocked her off of me and she pulled a chain! I also pulled mine! We whipped and slashed at each other! She was more of a threat than Tiny! I had, had a enough and I sent her flying as she did me moments ago! I drove her I tot he ground at the center of the battle field! I held her around her throat and her eyes began to roll to the back of her head from the lack of oxygen! "Well well well. What has the world come to when a vampire princess kills her own mother?", Tiny's said with mockery! I looked down at her and my eyes widened! I released her and back away from her! Dad walked up beside me. Both of us watching for her to get up! She got to her knees. "Arra!", dad gasped! "Mom!!", I gasped. I stumbled back to be caught by Vancha and Darren. They pushed me forward and I stood again at my father's side. "Larten?", She asked. Her voice was smooth like silk and I knew she was my mother. "Yes my love.", he said quietly. "What are you doing Arra?", dad asked. "Serving Tiny as I promised in exchange for my life. ", she said. "Even for the life of our daughter?", dad asked. She looked at me wide eyed. "Glacey?", she asked. I gave her a single nod still in shock. Tears came to her eyes. "My baby!", she gasped. She hugged me and I hugged her back! I heard her cry silently on my shoulder. "You have grown so much.", she whispered. She released me and looked over me. She smiled proudly. I smiled back and she kissed my head and hugged me again tears now streaming down her face freely. Then I heard a dark laugh. Mom released me and I glared at Tiny. "Jade, throw me the watch.", I said, she did and I caught it. All color drained from Tiny's face. I threw the watch down as hard as I could and it shattered!! He dropped back in shock! I went forward and took my chance! I laid my hand out flat like a blade and thrusted my had and arm into Tiny's stomach! His eyes shit wide open and he dropped to his knees. I pulled my arm out and he fell over dead. The war was over.

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