Chapter 11

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Glacey's pov.

I stood in the royal hall. There was a celebration in the halls of gathering. I just sat in the giant royal hall and I sat in my throne. I stood and walked around the hall. "Hello.", I heard a voice. I turned to see my father's old teacher Seba. I walked over to him and he had been crying. He opened his arms and I crumbled into them. I buried my face in his chest and cried! "It's not fair!", I wailed. "I know child.", he said petting my head. His scent was similar to my father's. He held me for a while then another vampire had entered the hall. He kissed my head and then walked out. I turned to see Vancha! "Vancha what are you doing out of you cell!?", I snapped and caught him before he fell. He was still in his bloody clothes and only a bandage was wrapped around him. I walked him back and the medics scolded him and then continued with their work on him. I kissed him and walked back to the hall. Arrow was there and he was studying the blood on the floor. "That's Vancha's.", I said. He turned and he nodded. " I'm sorry for your loss Glacey.", he said. I nodded and he hugged me. Mika was currently away so the only royals left here were me, Vancha, and Arrow. We sat and talked for a while then we both retired to our cells. I got little sleep and I woke extra early. I walked through the halls and went to the mess hall and ate and refilled on blood. I walked and vampires gave me there apologies for the lost of my father and Darren. I would just thank them and move on.

I sat in the hall once again alone. I heard the large doors open and close. I stood and I saw a shirtless Vancha March. I bit my lip. His hair was a mess and he only wore a pair of pants. A bandage was wrapped around his middle where he was stabbed. He looked remarkably good and he walked normal, not with a limp like he did before. He walked up to the thrones to where I was. He leaned against the desk and I stood about a foot away from him. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for Darren and Larten. ", he said. He opened his arms as Seba did. I walked up to him slowly I was a few inches away. I placed a hand on the side of his face and slide it down to his strong arms and down his abs. Almost like he wasn't real. I walked into his arms. His warmth and scent so familiar to me. His hands wandered to my bar stomach and lower back, since I had a tight crop top on. His callused finger rubbing small circled on my side. He pulled me to where I was propped against him and he basically held me. He kissed my head and I loved the feel of his gentleness and love. Now since I basically nearly lost him. I snuggled my face into his chest inhaling his scent more and more. He smelt of pine and the salty scent of blood. "You scared me to death you know.", I said. "Hmm? How is that?", he asked softly. "When i saw you stabbed. I thought I had lost everyone. And I couldn't bare to lose you Vancha. ", I said softly. He kissed my head once again. "You'd never lose me.", he whispered.

I sat at my throne and then the hall was in a uproar. All of the princes and I shot up! Then walked in Tiny and Evanna. I stood in front of the princes arrow on my left and Vancha on my right. "What do you want?", I asked bitterly. "Well my dear, I am here for you.", he said, with a grin. "Well you've got me.", I said. "Very well. But I wish to speak with you in private.", he said. "Well that's n-", I was cut off by a tight grip on my throat. I grabbed it and I was lifted off my feet and I was hanging in mid air in front of Desmond Tiny. "DESMOND PUT HER DOWN!!!", I heard Vancha roar! "SILENCE MARCH!!!!", Tiny boomed. I glared at him unafraid of what he was going to do to me. "You will attend to my wishes. If not you will join the rest of your family!", he hissed. "No I won't. You need someone to continue the war. I'm the one who keeps it going.", I grinned. "You think you have this all figured out don't you?", he hissed. "Cause I do.", I smirked. He tightened the grip around my throat making me gag! "TINY!!!!!!", Vancha roared. He released me and I fell to the ground gagging and coughing. I looked up and saw Arrow trying to hold Vancha back but he broke from his grasp and was by my side in a instant. He helped me up and looked at my red and slightly bruised neck.we went back to our thrones and I glared at Tiny. "We may speak in privet but with the other princes.", I said, he glared at me but nodded. We wet to the back of the hall and closed the doors. Evanna sat beside her father and I sat between the princes. "What must you speak to me about?", I asked. "As you know you will give birth to a child. But that child or children will have traces of vampaneze blood, due to their father used to be vampaneze. ", he said, I looked at Vancha and he wasn't happy. We both nodded. "Do you know when this is to happen?", I asked. He's hooked his head a d I looked at Vancha. His eyes were trained in Tiny.

Tiny forgot to mention at I was to be the death of him or my child would be. I sat in my cell nearly asleep when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and there stood Vancha. He barged in and his lips attacked mine! He stripped me of my clothes and pushed into me! My back arched! His arms held me tight. His eyes burning with love and lust. When we reached our high and then crash from it I laid there. I turned to face him and he was staring at me. "Why?", I asked. "Why what beautiful?", he asked rubbing my cheek with his thumb. His arm pulled me closer to his chest and I laid my head on his chest. "Why did you want to do it now?", I asked. "Because I thought that we were ready. And I knew it would really throw Tiny off his game.", he said. "What if it doesn't work this time? He didn't say witch time. Just when we mated. Maybe there was a specific time?", I said. "No. Don't think like that. But hey even if it doesn't I still loved it.", he smiled and pecked my lips. He turned to where he could hold me closer to he chest and in the comfort of his warm chest I was gone dead asleep.

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