Chapter 3

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Glacey's pov.

We walked through the woods and the moon was full so we could see rather well. Vancha and I walked side by side. We saw a light not far into the woods a head and I looked at him confused. He pushed me behind him and I followed him. Then we saw the big tent. I smirked. "It's ok. It's the Cirque Du Freak.", I said walking around him. "The what?", he asked making a face. "The freak show me and dad used to travel with.", I said. We walked back stage and I saw Turska. "Turska!", I smiled. She spun around and she beamed when she saw me! "Glacey!", she said in a thick accent. She hugged me and then she noticed Vancha and smiled at him kindly. "Who is this?", she asked. "Vancha March. He is a vampire prince and we are going to check on something in my dads home town.", I said. She beamed more. "We go there next! You go with us?", she asked us in broken English. "What do you say?", I asked. "I don't mind.", he smiled. Then Mr. Tall appeared. "We would be delighted to have you.", he smiled. He got tents set up for us and we were set.

We woke that night and Vancha walked around with me. He didn't know the camp well and he followed me around like a dog. Then a little snake boy ran up to me and grinned. "He must be Evra's.", I said following the boy. Then I saw Evra and a pregnant woman outside a tent. "Well well well. Someone's been busy.",I grinned and Evra smiled and hugged me. Then he introduced me to the woman. It was his wife and she was seven months pregnant. "So who's the green haired dude?", he asked. "Look who's talking", Vancha and Ezra laughed talking about Evra's green hair considering he was a snake man. "Well this Shancus. I named him after Darren.", he said pointing down at the little boy. He smiled proudly. Then he looked at Vancha. He walked up so close to Vancha he was almost touching his legs. "Your tall.", he said with awe. "He's only like six feet.", I said ruffling the boys hair. I knelt down in front of him. "Your prewtty.", he grinned
cheekily. "She is very pretty.", Vancha said kneeling beside me in front of him. I looked at him with soft eyes and then back at Shancus. We said goodbye to them and moved on through the camp. We found the wolf man and he banged against the bars of his cage. I shook my head and moved on. The show rolled around and we laid back and watched from back stage.

We reached my dads home town and we said goodbye from the Cirque. We found a abandoned hotel and we made our selves comfortable. We searched the tunnels and alleys. We searched and search and there was not a single sign of a vampaneze besides the bodies.

Vancha's pov.

We have been here for two weeks and nothing has come up. We almost decided to leave and then we found a vampaneze in the tunnels. Then Glacey ran in the hotel one day! "What is it?", I asked. "I found who we are looking for.", I said. "Who?", I asked. "Murlough.", I said. "What?", I snapped. "Yes this is his next target. ", she said showing me the picture. We set out and we snuck in to the house. And in the third night he struck.

Glacey's pov.

He snuck in and was about to strike and I jumped my hiding spot and threw him into the wall. He threw me off and Vancha jumped in. They fought and I jumped in and he again threw me back but this time he charged back and I met him and drove my hand that was laid out flat like a dagger into his stomach and out the other side. I pulled it out and blood spilled out everywhere. My arm was now a dark red all the way up to my bicep. Vancha stared at me wide eyed. "Damn. You had a knife.", he said. "I wasn't thinking I just went for it.", I smiled. He nodded and we cleaned up and disposed of his body. We left and got back to the hotel. I cleaned my arm off and Vancha had a few minor wounds from the little fight. We made our way back to vampire mountain and Mika was back so Vancha got back on the road. He said he would just stay for about week.

I walked in to the mess hall and dad was speaking with Vancha and Paris. They all three smiled at me. I sat beside Vancha and dad grinned proudly. "What have you been telling them?", I asked looking at Vancha. "Just how well you did in the field. How you killed Murlough and found him in the first place. And that the fact we are on the verge of war.", he said. I looked at dad. "I don't know why I ever doubted you.",he smiled. I grinned proudly. "Well I must get ready to leave. ", Vancha said getting up.

I met Vancha to say goodbye and I saw him talking with dad and the other princes. I walked up and Vancha smiled at me sadly. He hugged me and turned to the princes and we all wished him well. He winked at me and kissed my cheek and left. Leaving me breathless.

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