Chapter 8

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Glacey's pov.

I heard a lot of racket in the city but I refrained from going to check on the others.night soon fell and I decided to go back to the tunnels. I was originally supposed to go back to vampire mountain but I had a feeling something was about to go down. I climbed into into the tunnels and I saw a strong light ahead of me. I walked closer to it and I saw everyone there. Even the police chief! Vancha was in the middle of climbing a rope to the plat form when Steve appeared. "Well where is your daughter Crespley was she killed in the fire fight with the cops?", he grinned evily. I kept quiet. I smelt a strong gasoline kinda smell from the pit Vancha was hanging over. "Petrol.", I whispered to myself. Then Darren looked back. I shot behind the corner hoping he didn't see me.i looked back around and Darren was back to focusing on Steve. I watched and I felt my breath get caught in my throat as Steve tossed a flaming match into the petrol soaked pit! The pit blew up and swallowed Vancha in one flame filled eye!

"Vancha!", I screamed over the flames the flames were so loud no one could hear me. Steve danced around laughing madly thinking he had killed the great Vancha March! "Bye bye Vancha! So long mr. March! Adios princey! Farewell vamp-", he laughed till a voice boomed from the flames! "Don't write my death notices yet Leonard!", Vancha boomed from the flames and then the flames died down to reveal a singed, blacked but a very much alive Vancha March hanging by one arm latched onto the rope! "Vancha!", Darren beamed, I felt like screaming with joy but I bit my lip to keep myself quiet. Then when Vancha slid down the rope back to everyone else, vampaneze filled the caveren. I climbed to a dark ledge where I would be basically invisible to everyone. "We will make another deal with you Vancha!", Steve beamed! Another deal! "We will let the women and the little person go unharmed it you send one of you up here to fight all three of us.", Steve said. As Debbie was lowered and she ran to Darren. Steve smirked at the vampaneze lord and Gannon. They agreed! The police chief began to file out with Debbie and Harkat behind her, then she shot off a shot gun a vampet next to her had! The fight began! I jumped from my spot into the fight! I had it out with vampaneze after vampaneze! I snapped necks, stabbed and slit throats! I had been cut in several spots. Then all fighting stopped dead silent when a scream filled the air! Dad had stabbed the vampaneze lord! Then Steve jumped in and drove dad over the railing of the platform! The flames growing by the minute! Gannon caught both of them dad was hanging onto Steve's ankle!

Vanchas pov.

We all stood terrified for Larten! He was about to let go when a shout filled the air! "NO!!!!", it boomed! It was Glacey. She anti over our head sand ran up the rope with remarkable balance and dove onto the platform and slung Gannon and Steve over the railing! She caught Larten by the hand and she caught him and pulled him up.! She turned just i time before Steve stabbed her in the back!! She threw him off her she knocked him out cold with a kick to the head and hit the dirt! She whipped out her chain and was standing one in one with Gannon! He was enraged she interrupted his glory moment! He swung his long sword at her and she wrapped her chain around it and wrenched from his hands! She dove in and brought him to his knees! I stood shocked and I think everyone else was! She held a knife to his neck! "I'm make you a deal!", she announced mocking Steve with his deal making! "We have killed your lord so you will let us walk out un harmed and you live. If you even try to kill or harm one of us you die. ", she said. Gannon held his eyes closed waiting for death. She gripped his long hair and he winced in pain. "Deal.", he winced in pain. She slung him to the floor and knocked him out. Her and her father slide down the rope and we walked out sure enough in harmed. Glacey's eyes still burned with a fire I have never seen in any vampire. She walked ahead of all of us. Larten was still in shock to speak and so was the rest of us. Then we heard foot steps. We froze. It was Evanna. She smiled at Glacey showing she was proud. Glacey nodded and Evanna looked at Larten who was paler than usual. "Larten you had a close run in with death. Are you proud of your daughter?", Evanna asked. "Very.", was all he could get out before he sat against a tree trying to process everything. Glacey's eyes were trained on the city. "Well you did excellent. But I hate to tell you the lord you killed was not the vampaneze lord. He was decoy.", Evanna said smoothly." What?", Darren asked. "Steve is the real one.", Evanna said. Glacey shot up and glared at Evanna! "Your joking right!?", she snapped. Evanna shook her head no. Glacey punched a tree and a hole shattered in the middle of it! "It will be a long time till you see him again. I suggest you rest. Your last fight is the bloodiest one. You may separate if you wish. ", Evanna said. "I'm going back to vampire mountain.", Glacey said. "I'll got with you.", I said, she nodded and I looked at Larten. "You go ahead. We are going to the cirque for a while then we will most likely join you.", he said. We both nodded and started off to vampire mountain.

We traveled in silence and we made it to the last way station before we got to vampire mountain. I sat across from Vancha looking through my weapons cleaning them of dried blood and dirt. When I finished I put them away and laid back against the wall and stretched out. Vancha had lit a fire and had some rabbits on cooking. He handed me mine and I looked at it blankly. "You need to eat. You haven't ate anything the entire trip. ", Vancha said. I just took a single bite and Vancha moved over to me. "Ok what's wrong?", he asked, I looked at him and he was not going to stop anytime soon on asking me so I decided to spill it. "Just what would have happened if I would have never came back. Dad would have burned a horrible death and you guys would might not have even gotten out alive. ", I said. Vancha's eyes softened. "And I keep thinking about what the other princes told me.", I continued. "What did they tell you?", he asked. "That Evanna said that I'm the one that will end the war and Mr. Tiny.", I said. Vancha looked at me and then thought about what I said. "I see. But that's a while off. At least a year. Enjoy the time we have now before its lost.", Vancha said. I nodded. "Now I have a question.", he said. "What?", I asked. "Where do we stand? I mean are we mates or nothing?", he asked. "Where do you want us to be?", I asked. "I want us to be mates. Glacey how many times have I told you I loved you?", he asked. "Several times. And Vancha I love you, I just don't want to see you hurt or even worse killed for me!", I said. "I told you that would never happen! I just need you to say your mine! And mine alone! ", he was on the verge of begging! "Vancha, I'm yours. And yours alone.", I whispered against his lips. "Finally!", he whispered and his lips attacked mine! My fingers ran through his hair and he slipped off my clothes before I knew it! Soon we were both bare and he slowly entered me. My back arched and I dug my nails into his back as he thrusted slowly. Taking his time, savoring me. "Vancha. Vancha. Vancha!", I moaned. He sucked on my neck as he thrusted harder! I finally collapsed under him and he pulled out of me. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me into his chest. He kissed me and I tucked my head into his chest and before I knew it I was gone dead asleep.

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