Chapter 5

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Glacey's pov.

We caught up to the cirque and we walked into the camp. And I saw three children running around. One normal the other two snake children. But I didn't speak to them and we continued to walk through the camp. Mr. Tall greeted us. I saw Evra and me, Vancha, and Darren walked over. Darren and Evra were old friends and the hugged each other when we made our way over, Merla hugged me and Vancha. Then Evra hugged me and shook hands with Vancha. Then the same kids ran over. "Glacey!", the oldest smiled and hugged my waist. "Shancus you have grown since the last time I have seen you!", I smiled surprised. "Your still as pretty as you were when you left. Even prettier!", he smiled sweetly. "Aw thank you.", I smiled bending and kissing his scaly cheek. "Hey little guy!", Vancha smiled. Shancus hugged Vancha and then grinned evilly. "Are you to married yet?", he asked us. Vancha shot up and his eyes shot wide open as did mine! We stared at each other and I felt my cheeks flush to a bright scarlet. "SHANCUS!!!", his mother scolded him while popping his arm loudly. He winced in pain. "Uhh no were aren't. Vampires don't marry. And we aren't even together.", I said. He nodded and Vancha relaxed as did I. "Ok can I please learn these children!," Darren snapped. "This is Shancus, Urcha and Lillia.", the Evra said going oldest to youngest. Lillia toddled over to me and I picked her up. She squealed happily and I smiled at her. We spoke with them a little longer then the kids needed to get a nap. We walked over to Turskas tent and she walked out right when we were about to get to her tent and she squealed happily and hugged us all. We spoke with Turska and then the show was about to begin and I decided I wouldn't preform and I would stay with Vancha who was not to happy because he couldn't go on stage. We sat in the tent when all of a sudden Darren and dad busted in seriousness written all over there faces.

Turned out Evanna was selling us out to the vampaneze right outside of the camp! We immediately went to the location and I had Vancha send in a shuriken for the signal. When we heard the sharp whistle we moved in! I got into a fight with a vampaneze at least 2 heads taller than me! I swung my chain and pulled him to his knees and snapped his neck! I saw Vancha in a fight win two vampaneze and he was holding hi own. He was nicked in several different places and they fought and fought. I heard Darren scream to my left and he was holding his hand like he was injured! I jumped JJ and took over the fight! I made quick work of the vampaneze and checked in Darren. He was missing his thumb! Then I saw a vampaneze and the robed servant run I tot he woods with Vancha going after them! I ran right behind him and then he sent a shuriken flyi and the servant fell to the ground! The vampaneze turned then Vancha froze! Arm outstretched like he was hit with something! But what? Nothing was shot or swung at him. He hit his knees and then the vampaneze got away! I ran up to him and he had tears in his eyes. Then dad and the others ran form behind us and joined me around Vancha. "VANCHA YOU LET THEM GO!!",my dad roared forgetting his place. "I know.", Vancha said quietly. "Why sire!?", dad asked. "Because that vampaneze, he, he , he was my brother.", he said looking at us.

We fell to silence. We sewed Darren's thumb back in then we went back to the camp. Vancha ran to his tent and requested as much whiskey the camp hand. "I'm worried about him.", I said to Evanna. "He will be ok. In time.", she said. "Now Glacey I must go, I have things to tend to at home. I wish you well and your fellow hunters. Goodbye.", she said. I nodded in a silent thanks and then I went to see Evra's family. Shancus and Urcha found it rather cool that I fought with a chain. I let them hold it and they struggled with it, they were barley able to lift it above their heads. I took them on the other end of the camp and they wanted me to show them. I smiled and swing the chain expertly above my head. The boys smiled and laughed gleefully. I let them hold it and helped them swing it. Then I stood at attention when I heard a crazed scream all the way across the camp! I grabbed the boys and shoved them into their tent with their mother and sister and I ran to where the scream came from. It was Vancha!! I stood beside dad and we watched as Vancha tore his clothes and screamed madly at the sun. "Try and talk to him.", dad ordered. I nodded. "Vancha.", I said alerting him of my presence. He whirled around with a broken whiskey bottle and pointed at me with jagged end not far from my throat. His blood shot eyes widened and he pulled the bottle away. "I'm sorry Glacey! I failed everyone! Even the woman I love!", he wailed. My eyes widened and I looked at him shocked! Did he just say he loved me? I think he did. But he so drunk right now he doesn't even know what he is saying. "Vancha it is ok. Everything is ok! Just please stop! For me! Give me the bottle and come with me, we will get you sober and sleep! That's all you need, and some coffee for a hangover you will have. ", I said as gentle as I could. He nodded and handed me the bottle. I handed it to dad and then I pulled Vancha under my cloak and led him to my tent. I laid him on the couch and I had dad and Darren go get lots of coffee and such. I took a cold rag and ran it along his head for the sweaty fever he had. It was him sweating out the alcohol. He smelt strongly of alcohol and I tried not to gag. I had dad and Darren strip him to his boxers and get his clothes washed. I ran a soaped cloth all over his chest and face to get rid of the worse of the smell. Then dad and Darren came back with the clothes and they dressed him since he has been passed out since he set foot in my tent. I got the coffee going and sat waiting for him to wake up.

He woke and he groaned as he sat up. I immediately avi him a cup of coffee. He drank it fast and then smiled at me. "Do you remember anything you said yesterday?", I asked. "Yes.", he grinned. "Do you remember what you said to me?", I asked. "Yep. And I admit I didn't want to tell you but since I was drunk it slipped.", he said. "So you love me?",I asked. He grew serious. "Glacey you don't understand, I'm am not just in love with you. I am madly in love with you! And I swear to the gods of the vampires with you as my witness if an vampaneze tried to lay a hand on you I would kill them with their own hand! You are the other half of me! I love you so much! ", he said. He held my face. I have never had someone talk to me like this. "I love you to Vancha.", I said softly. I closed my eyes as his lips tenderly pecked mine, then they came back. He ran his tongue along my lower lip asking for entrance, I granted it and his tongue explored my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and he pulled my closer to him. Then we heard a knock on the flap out side. We stopped and stared at each other. "Yes!?", I called. "Come on the sun has set. Wake Vancha and get out here!", my dad called. I looked at Vancha and I put my fingers to my lips for him not to say anything about the kiss. Or anything for that mater. "Ok be right out.", I replied and climbed out of the tent with Vancha behind me.

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