Chapter 1

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Larten's pov.

I had my assistant Darren by my side and we watched as my daughter Glacey took down another opponent on the hand to hand mat. She wiped blood from her hand that had came from the other vampires face. "How was that?", she panted. "Much better your footwork is getting better. You actually watch where you put your feet. ", I smirked. She rolled her eyes and I gave her a cold stare and she straightened up. "I can't wait for the final prince to get here, I'm tired of Mika being here.", she said. My 190 year old daughter had a wild character. Like her mother. Short tempered, smart mouthed, but beautiful as ever. In vampire years she is only nineteen but can take down vampires three times her size and age.

We reached word that Vancha March has returned for council and Mika was leaving. Once Mika departed every vampire was to got to the hall of gathering.glacey stood with me and Darren and watched as the princes appeared. A smile grew on her face.

Glacey's pov.

I smiled as the princes appeared. Paris was the oldest living vampire. A ancient 800 years old so he was 80 in vampire years. His long whit beard and hair made him look older than what he actually was. Then came Arrow. He was a strange character. He shaved his head and had arrow tattoos on both sides of his head. Then came Vancha. He was around 300 years so he was around 30 in vampire years. This prince was the most wildest and traditional of all vampires. And quite the beast of nature if you ask me. He was dressed in purple animal hides he made himself. He had short dyed green hair and had belts of shurikens also known as throwing stars around his chest for long range enemies. He never used any other weapons and he only fought with his hands. But all the princes looked like the could bench press the weight of elephants. Each prince was incredibly fit. And Mika who had left was the same. He just had jet black hair and wore nothing but black. He choice of a weapon was a simple sword and such.

The princes gave a short speech and then I ran to the hall of games in nothing but a sports bra and leather shorts with cloth taped around my feet and hands. Ready to fight. I jumped onto the bars, my opponent was Darren? "I hope you know I will not take it easy on you right?", I smirked. He nodded, watching every move I made. The whistle blew and we made short passes at each other and I finally had enough of toying with him and jumped up and my staff nailed him in the side of the head and I knocked him off of the bars. The vampires cheered and clapped Darren in the back. Then dad called me over to the hand to hand mat. I stood and all of the princes stood before me! "They are impressed and want to take a crack at a fight with you.", dad said. Vancha and Arrow had crazed smiles but Paris held up a hand and shook his head. "No they want to fight you. I just want to watch you put their asses on the dirt. ", he chuckled. I grinned. Arrow want to go first, the entire mountain was ready to watch. We stood opposite from each other. He made the first move, just simple kick that I easily block and returned it to the side of his head! He hit the floor and rolled up. "Better than I thought.", he grumbled rubbing his head. I took my chance and I put him in a head lock and knocked him to his knees and sling my arms back and made him flip and hit his head on the mat. He rolled away. The whistle blew. Then Paris held up my arm showing I had won. I helped the prince up and dad helped steady him, he was in a daze. "Damn he is going to feel that in the morning!", Vancha laughed. "And so will you.", I smirked. He grinned and stood opposite of me as Arrow did. But I knew Vancha would be a challenge. He fought like this all the time.

We circled each other. Then he attacked. He dove in for my legs and jumped from his grasped. He spun and I nailed him in the side of the head as I did Arrow. Vancha didn't stumble as much but he was still effected, and I didn't let up him. I had him on his knees, then he caught my leg and flipped me back and I landed on my back. I dove on top and pulled me up. He punched my ribs and I felt a pop! "Ahhhh.", I said in pain to my self. He sent another punch to the same spot. He went or send a third and I grabbed his hand and sling him down in a arm bar and I held him there for ten seconds. The fight was over and I had won. Everyone stared at me. "Larten what have you been feeding her?", Arrow asked putting ice to his head. "Yea she kicked your asses!", Paris laughed. "He just taught me well.", I said. Then I looked to were Vancha had gotten his licks,my lip was busted but my ribs took the worst of it. They were already bruised and I winced when I moved, to walk to get ice. "Hold on I'll get it for you. ", Vancha said with a smile. He came back and the vampires left to get ready for a ball tonight. There was one every night during the festival. He pressed the ice to my bare stomach and I winced at the cold and the pain in my rib cage. "Sorry.", he said. "You know I honestly thought you wouldn't be any good.", he said. "Why because I am a female?", I asked. "No. Because you were so young. And I was greatly mistaken. ", he said. I smiled. I got up and he went steady me. "I got it.", I said I said grabbing his hand away from my waist. I walked down to my cell and pulled the door shut. I didn't even bother with going to ball.

My dad walked into the room and checked on my with Vancha behind him. Dad saw the bruises and he smirked. "Your ribs are bruised pretty bad.", he said. "I have some herbs and pain killers for the pain.", dad said and asked Vancha for help. Vancha went and grabbed bandages. Dad rubbed on some of the herbs and gave me some medicine. My pain automatically numbed and I sighed in relief and we wrapped my middle section.

Larten's pov.

Now that the festival was over Darren began training again. Darren was working with Vanez and I left to go see Glacey on the bars working on her balance and placement skills. "Well how's your bruises?", I asked. "Pretty good. The bruises are barley noticeable. ", she said. I smirked when I heard Darren struggling to fight Vanez. Glacey jumped from the bars and we walked. It was one of the rare times I could spend time with her without orders, fights, or Darren around. I always cherished these times with her.

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