Chapter 13

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Vancha's pov.

Glacey was working with made on the bars. She was just like her mother. Skilled with fighting but always willing to learn. Jade jumped from the bars and Glacey jumped from them also. "Very nice kiddo.", I smiled. "Thanks dad.", she grinned. Then a up roar was in the halls and we all three shot around. "Jade go with your mother. I have a feeling I know what this is about.", I said. She nodded and she followed Glacey to the hall with me following closely.

Glacey's pov.

I told Jade to sit behind me and I saw Vancha in the corwd. Then I saw Mr. Tiny. "What do you want?", I snapped! "I have a gift for you. Actually two gifts.", he grinned. "Come Larten.", he said. I shot up! I saw a crop of orange hair walk through the doors and through the crowd! I jumped for the hight platform in front of the vampire. "D- d- daddy?", I stuttered with tears in my eyes! He smiled. "How are you?", I stopped myself. "Yes Glacey it's me. Tiny brought me back to life.", he smiled. I hugged him tightly and I began to cry! "That's not all.", Tiny grinned. "Darren!", he sang. Then Darren walked in. I ran hugged Darren and then he looked up and saw Jade and Debbie. Debbie is a half vampire so I think he took a minute to process it all. "Why did you do this?", I asked. "To make up for the pain I have put you through. I have taken to much from you. Your other daughter even. ", he said. Vancha jumped for the platform and was at my side. "You took Jara?", I hissed, he nodded. "I knew it was for the best. She is with the vampaneze. I didn't want the sisters to grow up together because the will settle the war. Jara is with the vampaneze. Being trained by her uncle. Gannon.", he said. "I killed Gannon.", I hissed. "I also brought back Steve and Gannon.", he said. "Please forgive me.", he said. "What about my mother?", I hissed. "I am still working on that.", he said. I nodded. "Get out. This is the first and only time I am going to show mercy to you. Thankyou now please leave.", I said through gritted teeth. He nodded and walked out. I looked up at Jade and Debbie.jade stared at me and Vancha confused. Jade was only 15 but she looked 20. Her growth was that fast. I walked up to my daughter with my dad and Darren behind me. Vancha was at my side. We went to the back of the hall and we sat. "Jade this is your grandfather Larten Crespley.", I said. She smiled and hugged him. "And this is his assistant Darren.", I said, she again smiled and welcomed him. Then she turned to me. " I have a few questions. Who is my grandmother? ", she asked. I froze at her question. I looked at her and she shook her to forget about it. "No. Your grandmother was from what I was told one of the best. If not the best. But she was killed protecting me.", I said. She nodded. "Last question. I have a sister?", she asked as if it was unreal. "Yes a twin sister as a matter of fact. Her name is Jara. She was taken when you were newborns. Literally you had just been born and were sleeping and we stepped out and tiny busted in and took both of you and laid you behind a bush and took Jara.", Vancha said.

Jade asked questions and was fascinated with dad and Darren. I to,d dad to take her to train while I dealt with a few things. He gladly accepted. Then Mika burst through the doors and said he vampaneze had declared war! A final battle to settle it all! "When Mika!?", I hissed. "In three days.", he said, I ran to the hall and Vancha was in there working with Jade. I told them all and jades face went pale. "I- I have to kill my sister?", she asked. "No. I have to kill my daughter.", I said with a choke after I said it. "Jade you are just a piece in this little game of his. Don't let him get to you. I'm the one to end it all. I am supposed to kill him himself.", I said. She nodded with tears in her eyes. "I know this is your first fight but I promise it won't be your last.", I said. "I'm scared.", she said. I smiled and kissed her head. "You'll be fine. ", Vancha said hugging her.

I decided to make my way to Evanna's for a little clarification on how to handle this. I flitted and was there in less than 3 hours. "Evanna!?", I called, she walked out and greeted me. "I have a few questions.", I said and she pulled me inside. "Glacey I have told you, you are to end the war. Either with your death our your victory against my father.", she said. "What about Jade and Jara?", I asked. "They are to fight and one kill the other or they team up with you against my father. That's why he separated them at birth.", Evanna said. I thanked her and flitted back to vampire mountain.

The battle rolled around and I saw Jade never out but ready. She had a chain and small knives around her waist for throwing and I saw two daggers in her boots. "Nice choice.", I smiled knowing it was my old chain considering I use my mothers now that my father had kept over the years. I hugged her and then Vancha arrived and told us to get in formation.

When I saw the vampaneze I saw a female in front, a normal Caucasian girl. She looked just like Jade except for red streaks in her hair. She was armed with two swords and a saw a knife on each hip.jade and her made eye contact and then Jade looked at me and mouthed, 'that's her.' I nodded. I found Steve and Gannon walking on both sides of her. Me, Vancha, Darren, and dad surrounded Jade with me in the front. "Well good to see you old friends.", Steve smiled. "Well Gannon I see you took great care of my daughter.", Vancha hissed. "Well she is my favorite niece.", he grinned. I glared at them. "I think we should let the girls go first. Why shed blood if unnecessary. ", Gannon said. Jara walked out as if on que and Jade met her before I even told her to go. "She's just like you.", dad whispered in my ear. I nodded. They stared at each other for a while. Then they went at it! Jade threw Jara into a tree and Jara kicked Jade away! They pulled their weapons! I got really nervous. I felt Vancha's hand squeeze mine. Then I realized, these were his daughters just as much has mine. Then right before made was about to drive Jara's sword into her stomach they were separated. Jade thrown back to us and Jara back to the vampaneze. I turned and saw Evanna! She separated them. I gave her a silent thank you he turned back to the girls. They glared at each other. "I want the leaders of both sides in the middle. Tiny boomed. Jara, Steve, and Gannon walked forward as Mika, Arrow,Darren, Vancha, Jade, dad and myself walked forward. "Let the fighting begin!", he laughed! Then the girls went right back at it! The vampaneze and vampires swarmed around us and they clashed! I got excited! I took out my chain and went straight to work. I was tossing vampaneze over my shoulder left and right! I saw Jara struggling with a vampire. I wanted to run to her aid. Then I remembered she has been with the vampaneze. "Don't hurt the twins!", Tiny boomed. The vampire back away! But Jara sliced his throat open! It was hard to believe that was my daughter! Then the girls where against each other again! This time I decided to step in. I kicked Jade and Jara apart! Then everyone stopped! "Mom what are you doing!!", Jade yelled! "This is not going to end like this! Tiny has set this whole thing up!", I snapped. Then I turned to Jara. The daughter who has never known me. "Your my mother?", she asked. I nodded. "Your a vampire!", she exclaimed. "And so is your father.", I said softly. "Gannon is your uncle.", I said. She walked slowly up to me. She had tears come to her eyes. "Do you see what war does now? It splits up loved ones,mot splits up blood cousins and it causes un need blood shed!", I announced. I glared at Tiny! Jara hugged me! It took me a minute to realized her actions then I kissed her head and she only gripped me tighter then ran to Vancha and hugged him the same way. Tears running down her face.

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