Chapter 6

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Glacey's pov.

We said good bye to the cirque and we got on the road. I watched Vancha carefully. U mind was in a blur since the kiss. We are in the middle of a war for God sakes! I said I loved him and I do don't get me wrong. I just can't believe he feels the same and the kiss came out of nowhere! I was stuck in my thoughts when I ran into someone! I backed up a little and it was Paris! The prince never left the mountain any more! We all stared at him wide eyed! "I need Glacey to come back to the mountain immediately!!", he said. And it wasn't a request. "Very well sire.", dad said. "I well return back soon with more news for the mountain. I will see them to their next location and then I will be on my way.", Vancha said and Paris nodded. "We will flit to vampire mountian.", he said. I nodded and we shot off! We didn't stop till we got to the mountain out of breath. He led me in and to the back of the hall of princes. Arrow was there and so was Mika. "Sit darling.", Paris said. "Why am I here sires? What is so important?", I asked. "You are what is so important. ", Arrow said. "Why?", I asked. "Evanna came and spoke with us. She said you will be the one to end this war and her father.", Mika said. I shot up and stumbled backwards! "ME!!!!!???", I gasped feeling like I was going to be sick! "Yes you! The vampaneze lord is mainly after you because he knows all of this. Your are most at stake. We need you here. Safe.", Paris said. "Are you taking me out of the hunt?",I'm asked. "Yes and no. When Vancha leaves again you will go with him. But him and Darren will be reporting to us about you. We also have Larten being extra carful on what searches you are aloud to go on.", Paris continued. "With all respect sires but remember I am not just a child in this hunt. I can take care of myself and I don't need anyone to look out for me.", I said. "Glacey you are to precious in this war for us to risk you getting killed. And after the next fight with the vampaneze you are to go to Evanna's. We will send word to you when that comes around.", Paris disagreed. I knew it would be pointless to argue so I just nodded and I walked out.

6 months later.

I walked through the mountain and I heard a rampage of screams of joy. I ran to the hall of princes and I saw Paris and he told me to go to my throne. I nodded and then when I did I was able to spot a certain green haired prince in purple hides pushing his way through the crowd. "Welcome back Vancha!", Arrow laughed! I felt a bright smile on my face. Vancha worked his way up and shook hands with all of the princes and when he got to me he hugged my hard. "Missed you beautiful.", he whispered and kissed my cheek. We released each other and sat in our thrones. As we sat every vampire quieted down and sat. "It is good to be back my friends!", Vancha laughed. "I bring news of the vampaneze lord and of who is protecting him!", he continued. "He will be disguised as someone lesser than his protectors. His face will be hidden. Now his protector is not a easy opponent. He is my once brother Gannon Harst.", Vancha said quietly.

We discussed it a little longer till Paris grew tired and then we all were dismissed. Vancha walked with me and we walked to the mess hall. We were alone since every one else went to sleep. "So how has it been out in the field?", I asked. "Well we could have used you in a few fights, Darren has been going to school now because someone ratted us out to the school system and turned out his teacher is his ex girl friend. "Debbi?", I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. I just ignored it and leaned back and I laid my feet in Vancha's lap. "So have you thought about it?", he asked. "What?", I asked. "Us. Have you thought about us?", he asked, my heart skipped a beat. "Yes a little. I just don't know Vancha. How is this going to work ing the middle of a war?", I asked. "Glacey I know where you are coming from but I don't care about the war! I love you more than my self!", he said moving closer to me and holding my hands. " I love you Vancha I really do. But I don't know if I'm strong enough to see you get hurt just for me. I don't think I could handle that.", I said, with a tear sliding down my cheek at the thought of that. "You won't have to. I promise.", Vancha said. I nodded my head. He pressed his forehead to mine and I stared in to his eyes. His lips locked onto mine and he deepened the kiss slipping his tongue into my mouth and I hooked my arms around his neck and his arms pulled me closer to him. We broke the kiss for air and then his lips gently pecked mine. "Did that show you how much I love you?", he asked. I nodded and I felt his hot breath on my lips and I gripped the nap of his neck. He smiled and kissed me once more but a little more passionate if that is even possible. Then we heard fast steps. We jumped apart and acted as nothin happened as Arrow ran over to us! "We just found Paris dead!", he gasped. Me and Vancha shot up and ran behind him. We saw this carrying the body of Paris out of the bear chamber. His insides hanging out and he was sickly pale. But what do you expect? We sent word out to dad and several other vampires.

Vancha's pov.

After they funeral of Paris we had to set out. Darren and Harkat were alone in Larten's home town. We flitted until we got there and we tracked Darren and Harkat to a apartment. We climbed to the roof and then me and Glacey snuck up on to the ceiling and Darren all of a sudden walked out slowly! I ambushed him! Glacey just jumped from the shadows and stood and watched. I had both of the lads on the floor and laughed. "Point to me I think!", I laughed. Darren and Harkat got up and hugged both me and Glacey. "Why the surprise?", Darren asked "we heard strange voices and wanted to be careful since we had such a precious angel with us.", I said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. "And who is that?", Darren asked. I pointed to Glacey and his eyes widened. We laughed and he led us in side, we called down and he was not happy when he climbed in. He glared at rather short man. Brown hair and was rather fit for a human. "This is steve.", Darren said "WHAT!? Darren please tell me this is a different Steve and not the crazy one.", Glacey snapped. "Oh it's the crazy one alright.", Larten growled. "I'm not crazy!", Steve snapped. "Sure what ever you say.", Glacey said. He glared at her. We found out Darren told Debbie everything. The kids bodies we found, the vampaneze that attacked him, his and Steve past, and the fact that we are all vampires! I stretched out on the couch and laid my head in Glacey's lap. I looked at Larten and he was to busy glaring at Steve to worry about me wand Glacey. We spoke a while and then Debbie wanted to help. Glacey was teamed up with her as I was with Steve. Larten was alone and Darren went with Harkat.

Glacey's pov.

I kept a steady pace and Debbie kept up with me and she didn't complain. She cut her hand on a sharp rock and she wince in pain. I spun around and I knew the smell of blood would give us away. I spit in her hand and she stared at me in discus. I rubbed it in and it immediately healed and became a faint scar. She thanked me with a silent glance and then we pressed ahead. When we finished we met back of Steve's abandoned apartments and took over some rooms. Darren looked at Debbie's wounds and wondered why she wasn't bleeding. "Darren dad's not the only one with healing spit.", I said rolling my eyes. Vancha laughed and then stretched out on the floor. Soon the was dead asleep and we weren't far behind him.

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