Chapter 2

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Glacey's pov.

I walked with dad to the stores to where his old teacher Seba worked. He smiled at us as we walked in. "So you did well in your fights with the princes.", he said. I smiled and thanked him. "Well Vancha got a few licks on her. He pulled the bandage down a little just enough to see the light purple skin. Seba smiled. "He had done better than some vampires.", he smirked. I bought something's and we were walking through the halls when we heard a loud brawl in the training hall! I ran in with dad right behind me! "Where is she!!?", a voice boomed. I knew the voice. It was a vampaneze! The vampires dove for him wondering how he got in! "STOP!!!!", I screamed. It fell dead silent. "Are you looking for me?", I asked. "Yes I am here to kill you!!", he screamed. This was a mad vampaneze. His purple skin was extra dark and his eyes were extra red. He had been feeding a lot." Well you have found me have at it.", I said. I knew everyone was smirking at me. He dove for me and jumped from him. He roared and charged! I jumped up and nailed him in the held and he stumbled and fell! He rolled up and I jumped to his shoulders. And caught him in a head lock! Then he bit me!! "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!", I screamed in pain as his teeth tore in to my flesh! I released him and kicked him away! I was bleeding a alarming amount of blood from the arm! All the meat was intact but blood was pouring out! He dove for me again! I was enraged and I snapped his neck quickly letting him drop to the floor.

Dad looked at my bite and shook his head. "What?", I asked. "His teeth went very deep. You will need stitches and lots of herbs.", he said. He rapped my arm in a towel and we went to find Seba. He was still in the shops and he took twine and a needle and sewed me up. I bit into a cloth as he sewed. When he was finished he said to leave it for three days then he would cut the stitches and take them out. I walked around the mountain bored. Then I ran into Vancha. He wasn't happy. "What's wrong sire?",I asked. "Just nothing ok!", he snapped. "Sire, has something happened?", I asked. "Yes.", he said more calmly. I led him to my cell and sat him and I sat across from him for him to tell me. "The vampaneze are attacking humans in Larten's home town. And we are trying to avoid war but there is no way to do that with the vampaneze going crazy like they are all of a sudden.", he said. "I can go check it out. ", I said, Vancha cut his eyes up at me. "Your not going alone.", he said. "Who else is to go with me? Dad would cause a war, and Darren is inexperienced. ", I said. Vancha ran his fingers through his hair and then he turned back to me. "I'll go with you. You are the only one to speak of this. We leave tomorrow night.", he said. "Yes sire.", I said. He turned from the doorway with a smirk on his face. "And don't call me sire. Call me Vancha. It sounds sexy when you say it.", he smirked. "Ok Vancha.", I said stressing his name. He made himself shake and he grinned back at me. "Just like that.", he grinned and walked out. I laid back in the chair I was going into the field with Vancha March! I have always fancied the prince and he has always flirted with me but he does that with every woman. He considers himself a ladies man.

I found dad scolding Darren and I walked over. "Hate to interrupt but dad I need to speak with you.", I said. "Yes?", he asked. "I am leaving tomorrow night with Vancha on a mission.", I said. "What!? You have just finished training! Your not ready!!", he snapped. "Dad I have been done with training for 30 years. I have put two princes on their asses and killed a crazed vampaneze with bruised ribs and a bitten arm. And do I need to mention I have put you on your ass!?", I snapped. His eyes widened and I turned and went grab my weapons and get ready for the trip.

Larten's pov.

I stood shocked as she turned on her heel and walked away. She has never spoke to me in that tone because she knows I would slap her into next week and make her work until she dropped. But I watched her walk away I saw a different girl. She was still my daughter. But I saw a older version. I have always seen her as my little girl. Like I had watch her are she would get into trouble or cut herself on a weapon. When I saw her walk away I saw a strong, beautiful, woman. She was about to be 200 soon so I guess she has grown up.

I went to the outer hall where vampire left. All the princes where there and Glacey stood beside Glacey. She had on black pants and boots with a black denim top that had cut sleeves. A chain on both sides of her hips and a belt laced through her pants held several small knives for throwing. She had a pack slung over her shoulder. I walked up and she glared at me. "May the luck of the vampires be with you.", I said. She smiled at me. I hugged her and told her I loved her then her and Vancha walk out of the mountain.

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