Chapter 4

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20 years later.

Glacey's pov.

I am now 21 and a lot has changed. Me and Darren are now royals. He has became a prince and I have become the first princess. We had a fight well more like a brawl with the vampaneze and found out one of our own was in league with them. He was put to death and now everything is about the brewing war. And Desmond Tiny was not helping the matter when he came in to vampire mountain to give us news of the vampaneze lord. "There will be four hunters. And they must kill him and if anyone else does you are destined to lose this war.", he said. "Who are they?", I asked. "One hunter is not here so I will not give his name. You will meet him on the way to lady Evanna's.", he said. We were instructed to leave immediately.

Poor Darren hit the purge and it was not fun. He was very hairy and he had major headaches with sudden bursts of energy. We stopped for Darren to get more clothes and we walked into a store and he grabbed some clothes and we stood at the counter to pay. Then a man came up and was buying guns. He looked at my finger tips and he froze for a split second and then returned back to normal. We paid and got out quick. I told dad about it and we left fast moving into the woods. We made it to a clearing and we knew we were being followed. We acted as if nothing was happening and then dad gave the order. "NOW!!!!", he sprung up with me right behind him! I I snapped one closest to me and Harkat and dad had taken care of theirs but we all froze when we saw Darren's still alive, and smiling, holding a grenade! Then a sharp whistle came through the are. Then the man fell over dead. Then I heard a low chuckle. A man of medium hight jumped from a tree and when I saw the short green hair and purple animal hides I smiled. "Vancha!!!!", I squealed and I embraced the prince. I felt his warm breath on my neck and I felt chills go down my spine. "Good to see you your highness!", he smirked and released me and bowed on one knee. "Get up you idiot!", I laughed. He hugged me once again and then dad was the next to greet him. "Vancha it is good to see you sire!", dad beamed and embraced the prince. "And this must be the cub prince, Darren right?", he asked Darren, he nodded. Vancha rolled his eyes and looked at dad. "I thought you and Vanez would teach him better Larten. I am not overly impressed with him.", Vancha said crossing his over his chest at Darren. "I erred sire. The fault is my own. Not my teachers. I should have pressed forward and I take full responsibility for my mistake.", Darren said nobly. "Ha, he knows how to make a good apology!", Vancha laughed clapping him on the back. "So I take it you are heading to lady Evanna's? ", dad asked. "Yes, I have been trailing you for the past three nights.", Vancha said. "I see. So are we. And we have lots to tell you from vampire mountain.", dad said. "Save it for tonight. It's past noon. We should rest.", Vancha said stretching out throwing his cloak over him in the shade. We all did the same and fell dead asleep.

We woke and began to get moving. We told Vancha of the news from vampire mountain he thought about it for a while then spoke. "It doesn't take a genius to see I am the third hunter.", he said. "I would be most surprised if you were not.", dad said. Vancha looked at me. "Just like old times huh?", he smiled referring when me and him went on the road in search of a mad vampaneze. I rolled my eyes with a smile and he chuckled. We walked on and soon we were at lady Evanna's. We waited patiently for the witch to show herself and then she soon enough did. She hugged Vancha for a little to long for my taste. I saw her and dad play around a little then she turned to me. Her eyes widened then they turned back to normal. I wondered what she saw. "This can't be Glacey? She has grown Larten!", she said in amazement. "Yes she has and has become quite the vampire. She put Vancha and Arrow right on their asses!", dad grinned proudly. "I see.", she said circling me. "She has indeed become a fine specimen! She is fit, healthy hair and skin. And sharp nails and teeth. Could kill a bear with these things!", she said tapping my teeth with a finger and running her hand along my nails. She was fascinated with me. "She turned out just like her mother.", she grinned. "EVANNA!", my dad snapped all of a sudden. We all jumped. I looked at dad in disbelief. "You have a fine daughter Larten, who knew you had such good breeding? ", Evanna continued. I kept looking at dad and then Evanna's greeted Darren and the little person Harkat who had come with us. Then we all walked into her home except for her and dad.

Larten's pov.

"Evanna I do not want you to speak of her around Glacey. ", I said strictly to Evanna. "And why is that Larten?", Evanna asked me. "She doesn't know her mother because she was killed right after she was born. She doesn't remember because Seba wiped her memory. I do not want to put her through the pain now of what happened a long time ago. At least not in the middle of a war.", I said. She glared at me. "You mean you did not tell her after I told you that you would regret it?", she hissed. "Yes. I could not bring myself to do that to her.", I said. "Well your in luck because she has something special that will end this war and my father. She will only be able to do it once and that will be all and she will go back to normal. But I must unlock it.", she said. I looked at her concerned. "Will it endanger her life?", I asked. "Yes and no. The first part might. But the second will not.", she said. "Is there a way to stop it?", I asked. "No.", she said and then she turned and was gone into her home. I followed her. I brewed over what Evanna told me. Was I supposed to tell Glacey about her mother and then what she said about Glacey being special. What does she half to unlock and how will it end the war and her father? I was in deep thought when Glacey tapped my shoulder. "We are leaving.we are just waiting on Evanna. Let's walk on out.", she said. And I followed her.

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