Chapter 10

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2 years later

Glacey's pov.

Dad and Darren have been gone awhile and now me and Vancha have decided to join them. We found their location and flitted whit out rest all the way to them. We found this old house apartment. Vancha walked in first and I immediately heard a squeal of joy and then another, then just happy babbling. I walked then Alice the police chief and Debbie hugged me. I smiled and then Darren and the others ran down to us. The embraced us and the. I sat beside Vancha and then we just all spread about in the room. "Good to see you sires. ", dad laughed. We smiled. "I'm and pleased to see all of you, but of course mostly with the females. Female beauty is what we hot blooded men live for, aye?", Vancha laughed clapping Darren on the back. "Aye!", Darren laughed. "Well sorry to interrupt but Steve has made a reappearance. Here in the same town. I think this is where we will have the final battle. ", dad said. "We must be ready and we must have a plan.", Darren said. I thought to myself . Then it hit me. "We go to them. That's exactly what Steve wants. It's a game to him. Well the only way to beat him is to play along. We leave tonight in full moon. Evanna is here and so is Tiny. Tonight is the night.", I said. Everyone nodded. "Be ready for anything. ", I said and with that we got everyone together and went to the tunnels. We found arrows showing us where to go. They led to a field that held the cirque du freak. "No.", I gasped. I ran ahead of everyone. And I was snatched up at the tent! I was chained and pulled inside. I was throne up beside Steve and Gannon.

Vancha's pov.

We all shit forward and into the tent! I saw Glacey thrashing with her chains and Gannon smiled at her amused. "Welcome my friends!", Steve smirked! "As you see we had a early guest. Isn't she delightful!?", Steve laughed! "I find her sexy and I think I'm in love. I may make her my mate.", Gannon smirked holding her chin. She snapped at his hand and caught him! "AHHHH! I love a woman with a little fire in her heart!", he laughed holding his bitten hand. "DONT YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!!", I roared! "Like, this brother?", Gannon asked and ran his hands down her shoulders and over her chest. Glacey tried to fight but her chains wouldn't allow it. "ILL KILL YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!", I roared and lunged forward to be caught by Larten! I looked at him wide eyed. "Don't show your affection for her, they will use that against you. Try to control yourself.", Larten whispered. I nodded and looked away. "Brother is there something between you two?", Gannon asked with mockery in his voice. "No.", I said through gritted teeth. "I think we need a second opinion on that.", Steve grinned. "Glacey darling, is there anything between you and Mr. March down there?", he grinned and ran a knife softly along her neck. "No.", Glacey said plainly. "So if we killed him now, you would care?", Steve asked. Vampaneze closed in on me. "You won't have your vampaneze kill him or the others. Because then you would lose the war. You have to kill us all your own. And I promise you, he is a good enough warrior to handle you and your silly games.", she sad keeping complete eye contact with him. Not afraid at all. Steve's face fell. "How do you know this?", he snapped. Glacey kept her mouth sealed. "How do you know!!? We have kept it a secret! Who talked!?", he screamed. "You did.", she said. "What!!?", he whirled around on her. "You told me. Just by how you panicked.", she said cooly. "Your not the only brilliant master mind here.", I grinned. "KILL THEM ALL!!!!", Steve roared and with that the fight began! The freaks and everyone began to fight! I knocked the vampaneze away from Glacey and got her free form her chains. I wrapped my arms around her. "That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to say.", I said and she smiled and kissed me. Then we snapped back into reality! "There they go!", she yelled and Larten and Darren ran behind us and we met up with Gannon and Steve. They turned to us.

Glacey's pov.

They knew there was no avoiding this. "Let's make this fair shall we. Larten must fight with only his hands.", Tiny grinned. "And you also Glacey.", he grinned even more. He took my chains from my hips and my knives with out even lifting a finger. I turned to Steve and Gannon. I stood beside my father as Darren was beside Vancha. Vancha went straight for Gannon and Steve went for me! I whirled out of his grasp! He dove on my dad with a curved sword pulled. Dad fought and fought then I jumped in and threw Steve off of him! I kicked him in the head and he fell back! I helped dad up and then I spun hearing Steve's heavy breathing and jumped out of the way of his sword! Dad kicked it form his hands and they fought hand to hand. Then I felt so one thrown into me! It was Darren and I found Vancha fighting with Gannon. Vancha's arm was cut and Gannon had a black eye but they weren't slowing down! I heard a pain filled scream and I turned and Steve's sword was stick out of Larten Crespley's back! "NOOOOOO!!!!!!", I screamed and kicked Steve from,y father and then him and Darren were fighting vigorously! I held him in my arms. He had no pulse and blood was gushing from his back! I felt tears in my eyes and I looked at my ananda and arms covered in blood! I kissed his head and then shot up. Rage filled my heart and I threw Steve off dare a nd into a tree. I dove for him and grabbed him by his throat and the he kicked me away swing his sword missing every time! He soon grew tired off me and knocked me I not a rock.

I shook my head and when I opened my eyes Vancha was taking on both Gannon and Steve! Darren was knocked out across the field!!! Vancha had a then scrape from breast to waist on his left side and was nicked and pricked in several places! The Darren jumped in! Then Darren lost his balance and fell into Vancha! The untangled themselves in less than a second! But that second was all Gannon needed! He took the tip of his knife and drove it through the small of Vancha's back and out the other side! "VANCHA!!!!!!!", I screamed! His eyes shot wide open and Gannon slid the sword out. I ran and grabbed him before he hit the ground! I felt tears in my eyes! Gannon could have easily killed me but he turned his back and joined Steve. I kissed Vancha as if it would save him! Evanna walked over and said it wasn't a fatal blow unless he bleeds out witch would take a while. I asked her to stay with him and she nodded, I spun around ignoring Tinys demands! I grabbed my father's daggers and tore into the fight! I separated Steve and Gannon! I kicked Darren away so he wouldn't get in the way! I fought with rage! I kicked Steve away and he was out cold! I turned back to Gannon I snapped his wrist and he let go of his sword and I knocked him to his knees. I snapped his neck and then spun to see Darren with a knife in his stomach and Steve the exact same way! Debbie and Alice ran out! I turned to them bloody and tired. Debbie screamed and ran to Darren's side then I shot over to Vancha! His breathing was shallow and looked at Evanna for help. "I will take him back to vampire mountian.", she said. I thanked her and I turned to Debbie and Alice. Debbie held Darren in her arms and sobbed p. I felt tears come to my eyes and then I turned to dad. His body laid motionless, he was paler than usual and I knelt beside him. I pulled him into my arms and hugged him. I felt tears begin to run freely down my face. I looked down his body. Blood was still draining from his body. I didn't care. I pulled his weapons and his belt. I buckled it in the the very last whole and I made it fit. I heard a dark chuckle. I turned and stood and I saw Desmond tiny walking around and chuckling. "You enjoy this.", I said. "Oh I do, it is so entertaining.", he laughed. "What is so entertaining about vampire and vampaneze killing each other for your amusement?", I snapped. "Everything!", he laughed. I just spun on my heal and walked away.mI flitted to vampire mountain. Just to wait and hope Vancha would survive.

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