Where is he going...?

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Hey guys lol I just woke up.  But here is another chapter just for you guys and again I'm sorry for not updating for a couple of days I have just been busy for school and everything. UGH I hate high school.  BEFORE U READ!!!! I know most of you will hate me but REMEMBER you have to keep reading!! The reason they are like this is for a reason!!! Please don't be mad at me for doing this!!
Hansol's POV

Bjoo and I looked at each other worriedly.  I held his hand and squeezed it.  Great CEO is here what does he have to say?

We walked out the dorm and saw his sitting at the table with a cup of tea.  Uh and he is out of uniform?  Jeans and a hoodie?  I always see him in a suit.

"Oh Hanjoo." He said sipping his tea.  Hanjoo?  Why use our ship name? 

"Uh hello sir, what brings you here this afternoon?"  I asked as I held BJoo's hand.

"Ah yes, I am here to break you guys up." He said smiling.  We were all shocked to here what he said. 

"What do you mean break us up?  You mean the group?"  I asked. 

"Oh havens no, I mean your relationships." He says and takes another sip of his tea.  He looked like he wanted to strangle up but I wasn't backing down.

"But why sir?  Everybody is not bothered by it at all." Said BJoo. 

"Yes I know but it's not good for business, and for yourselves as well.  I know that you guys had gained over 40,000 fans in just 3 hours but, if I have to calibrate to with other companies that would not accept." He says and sets his tea cup down on glass.

"Excuse me?  FYI we are not the only kpop stars who are dating the same sex." Said Xero and we all looked at him. 

"And how do you know that?"  The CEO asked as he crossed his legs and crossed his arms.

"Uh EXO they're all gay!  Haven't you guys noticed?  Even Suho gave me hints as well.  He said 'EXO loves each other in different ways than ONE!!' Also I saw Chanyeol and Baekhyun kissing backstage." He said looking at me.

"Well I didn't see that coming." Said Yano. 

"Oh and SHINee yeah JongKey is real." Said Xero and Bjoo looked at me then looked back at the CEO.

"But people don't know that!  They don't have porno videos out there of them!  They don't have videos and pictures of them making out and dressing!  You guys do!  That's an embarrassment to this company!  To me!!" He yelled and we all looked down.

"Look sir, you're not breaking me and BJoo up as well as the other members." I said and He looked at me. 

"And why should I not?"  He got up towards me.  I stepped back a little. 

"Um b-because that would not be fair and I-I am not leaving BJoo's side."  I said with a little stutter.

"You have to I have no choice but to." He said looking at me straight in the eye. 

"It's too late there are videos of our relationship on YouTube and the fans love us being together.  So do other celebrities and companies." Said Yano.

"Wait companies?"  We all said.  

"Yeah SM and YG emailed me." He said. 

"But why?" We all asked. 

"He said to tell CEO he has nothing to worry about then not liking his company and his gay stars." I'm still confused.  Why Yano?

"I don't believe you." CEO said sternly. 

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