A new couple...

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IMPORTANT: Hey guys here is another update. Okay so I have an idea, I was wondering if I finish this book would you want a book 2? So comment if you want one and give me a plot and problem and I will work something out okay?? Also thank you for reading this I really did think this was not going to go well at all so thank you for reading and giving me ur support. I love you guys!! ENJOY!!
Jungkook's POV

After I met with BJoo hyung I went back to the dorm. RapMonster hyung texted me and told me that they were leaving in and hour.

"It is a good thing I bought them doughnuts haha." I said while jogging. Since I bought the doughnuts with all my money I couldn't get a cab. The dorm wasn't really far from the cafe, but it would take a while by foot.

While I was running a red car slowed down next to me. I looked over and saw it was JoKwon hyung. "Jungkookie!" Yelled JoKwon.

"Hey JoKwon hyung!" I said while jogging.

I stopped to catch my breath and he stopped as well. "Hey where did you come from?" He asked.

"Oh a cafe, I wanted to buy the members some doughnuts." I said holding up the bag.

"Okay well you wanna ride back to the dorm?" He said yawning.

"Oh thanks hyung that would be very nice." I said but he didn't unlock the car. "Unlock the car hyung." I said looking at him.

"I will if you give me a doughnut." He says with a smile.

"Ugh fine." I said while laughing. He unlocked the car and turned on the heat.

"It's cold outside huh?" He asked.

"Yes very cold." I said as I pulled on my seat belt and he started driving to the dorm.

"So how is Jimin?" He asked looking at me and then turning back to the road.

"W-what are you asking?" I stuttered.

"You know what. I mean are you guys like...you know...dating yet?" He said looking at me instead of the road.

"Keep your eyes on the road, and no we are not...yet."

"Oh yet haha." He said.

"Well you got a plan?" He asked.

"Yes I do so don't worry."

"Me? Haha you should be worrying." I looked at him confused.

"Why should I hyung?" He looked at me.

"Uh hello J-Hope? OMFG! Don't tell me you haven't noticed! Ugh never mind maknae Hesoek is all over Taehyun anyway." He says waving his hand.

What? Whatever. We arrived at the dorm. I said my goodbye to JoKwon hyung and started to leave. "Oh wait maknae you forgot my doughnut!" He said while smiling.

"Oh yeah you're right here hyung." I said handing him a glazed one, he loves glazed.

"Thanks Jungkookie!!" He said while waving.

"You're welcome anything and thanks for the ride. Oh good luck on your comeback!!" I said waving.

"Thanks I will bye!" He drived away and I went inside.

I looked at my phone and Jimin texted me.

*Phone Convo*

Hey where are you babe?
My Kookie🍪
Oh I'm on my way up
Okay I missed you 😚
My Kookie🍪
I missed you too ☺️
Yay! 😘

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