A happy ending...maybe...

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Okay...Here is another chapter...ENJOY!!

BJoo's POV

I woke up hearing beeping noises. I opened my eyes to see Hansol sleeping by my side, I smiled and looked around the room.

Everyone was here. All the TOPP DOGG members and the manager, even BTS was here. Awe Kookie and Jimin looks so cute together. Im happy that they are doing now.

I came to realize that I am in the hospital. "Wow this room is big." I said. My butt hurt really badly so I didn't move too much, also I had some bruises and cuts.

I saw that my leg was wrapped.  He did but me so I might have a scar.  I did wonder if they fans would find out about this.  I mean I would tell them but it's wouldn't be good to the CEO.

I kinda just layed there staring at Hansol, he looked peaceful sleeping.  He looked really cute with his eyes closed, but cute open.  He was my everything, my world.  If my dad were to kill me, then I would think I would see Hansol in heaven in an hour or so.  Not to be mean but it's true.

He would say that to me probably when he wakes up.  I just know him that well.  The nurse came in.  "OMO! Your awake?"  She said loudly. 

"Shh!"  I said and she nodded and came to my side.

"Are you up to getting up so we can talk?"  She asked.  I nodded and she helped me up out of my bed.  She put me in a wheelchair with a pillow under me.  She wheeled me out of the room into the doctors office.

"So I heard your story, you must've been through a lot." She started and I nodded.  "But your case I have never seen before, the way your body was when you came in I was very shocked.  I'm sorry what happened to you." She said.

"When will I be able to go home?"  I asked. 

"Probably not for another few days, your rectum is kinda on the messed up side.  We have to treat it more and give you antibiotics.  Also have to run test for STD, Aids and other stuff as well." She said.

"You know I am a kpop star?  I don't have time to be lying in hospital beds." I said. 

"I know I am a fan of TOPP DOGG but this is important, if you want to get discharged that is fine but you are putting your boyfriend and yourself at risk." She said looking at her chart.

"Risk?"  She nodded. 

"Like if you have a sexually transmitted disease or infection, and you had sex with your boyfriend you would kinda put him at risk and yourself, you never know if the disease or infection can kill you." She said.

I didn't want to have Hansol at risk, he is everything to me and he has enough on his plate.  But then again we have our world tour in 2 weeks, we need to practice and get ready.  "How long do I have to stay here?"  I said.  She smiled. 

"About 7-10 more days." She said.

I rolled my eyes and nodded.  "Fine I will stay." I said. 

"I'm sorry and I know about your world tour and everything but your health is way more important, I'm guessing you don't want to go on a tour sick right?"  I nodded.

We talked more and then she rolled me back to my room.  The others were up and running around the hospital.  "WHERE IS HE?!"  Yelled Hansol. 

"We are trying to find him sir please calm down." Said the receptionist. 


"Sir please-"

"SHUT UP!! He yelled and stormed off back to the room.  I giggled, I love him so fucking much.  She rolled me to room.  Once I want I the doorway I saw Hansol throwing everything, he was on a rampage.  "UGH IF I FIND OUT HE GOT KIDNAPPED AGAIN I SWEAR I WILL BLAME EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU-"

"HANSOL STOP!!"  I yelled.  It was like the world stopped.  Everyone in the room stopped at what they were doing and Hansol dropped the chair.  He ran over to me and kneeled before me.  He hugged my waist and started to cry.

I held him as well.  "Shh everything is okay Hansol." I said kissing his head.  He looked up at me with a tear stained face, he smiled and held me tighter.

"If you died I would've killed myself just to be with you BJoo, you would see me in haven in less than an hour." he said. Haha I told you.

"I know Hannie I know." I said.  I got out of the wheelchair but I was struggling.  Hansol picked me up bride style and put me back on the bed and I smiled.  "Thank you." I said.

Hansol leaned down and kissed me passionately.  Leader Goon cleared his throat and I pulled back.  "BJoo I'm so happy you are okay." he said waking over to me. 

"BJOO-AH!!" Yelled Jungkook.

"KOOKIE!!"  I yelled back and hugged him tightly. 

"I was so worried when I got the call, I ran straight here to see you in the bed asleep."

"Actually we drove here." Said V.

"Shh!"  Said Kookie.  I laughed and I kept talking to the others. 

"But what happened?" Asked Kidoh. 

"Why are you always the one to ask the most questions hyung?" Asked Yano.

He shrugged and looked at me.  "Well I kinda couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk.  Next thing I know he was behind me and I passed out after that." I said.

"But why did he give us your location?"  He asked. 

"He said he just wanted me, basically sex.  So he got what he wanted and fled to where ever he fled to." I said.  They we silent.  "He told me that he killed my mom and kicked out my sister just so he could have me all to himself.  Then he apologized for all the pain he had caused.  And then he left." I said.

Hansol kissed my forehead.  "How long will he have to stay?"  Asked Xero. 

"Uh maybe 7-10 days." She said. 

"That long?"  Asked Hansol. 

"Well yes your boyfriends butt has to heal also we have to run test." She said and I blushed as well as Hansol.

"What tests?"  Asked Leader Goon. 

"Uh test for Sexually transmitted disease or infections." She said. 

"Why would you-". Asked Hansol. 

"Cause you never know if his dad wore a condom or not?  And if he did then it might've broke." She said.

"He didn't wear one." I said looking away from everyone.  I could feel their eyes on me now.  I felt the tears coming down my face.  I tried to keep them from falling but it was just impossible.

"It's okay babe." Said Hansol whipping my tears away.  I put on a fake smile. 

"Are we telling the public?"  I asked the Managers. 

"We have to, you wont be able to do concerts or Fan meeting and radio shows." Said Manager Nim.

I nodded.  After we talked for a while the others left but Hansol stayed.  Me and him talked for hours and kissed for hours.

He eventually had to leave and I was sad that I had to be left alone.  After a few more hours I got a text message from 'him'. 

'Have a good life ByoungJoo, I wish you the best.'

I felt my chest tightened.  He is actually leaving me alone?  I got another text message from Hansol. 

'I love you goodnight my love.'

I couldn't help but smile.  For the rest of the night I only thought of Hansol. 

'I love you too.'
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