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Okay another updat is here. Have a happy new year i love all you readers and voters thank you for reading since this is my first fanfic I'm really happy i have over 200 readers!!
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P-Goon's POV

The managers want to talk to me, but what do they want now? It must be something serious. "What is it?" I said walking towards them.

"Uh we got a letter in the mail for BJoo." Said Manager Kim.

"Okay you should give it to him." I said

"Well it says it from his mother." He rubbed the back of his neck.

His mother? BJoo doesn't have a mom. She died when he was a kid. "What do you mean his mother?" I asked.

"It said that it was from his mother in the letter." Manger Nim said.

"So what does it say?" I asked moving closer.

"That she wants him to come home." He said and showed me the letter.  Come home? Who is this person?

"Uh he can't come home he has to stay here, but anyway did you find this person?" I was getting on egde.

"Yeah we went to the address and it was some fans house. We asked the lady if she knew who sent this and she said that that was her daughters name. We asked her daughter how did she get the address she didn't want to tell us." Manger Kim says.

"So your saying someone is stalking BJoo?" they looked worried and nodded. "How could someone get BJoo's home address? The address to here as well?" I asked and rubbed my temples.

"We don't know either. Do you think their is a fan stalking BJoo or even the others as well?" Said Manager Nim.

"I think we need to check the fan mail more offten." I don't know what to say. There might be a fan stalking BJoo or the other members. How could a simple fan get his home address and the address here too? That's top secret it would be hard to get that kind of info.

"What should we do now? We can't let this get any farther." Said Manager Kim.

"Uh why don't we check the fan mail and stuff." They nodded and headed to the dorms. We have fan meeting tomorrow. I need to keep my eye out more for the group.


Xero's POV

Me and Yano were playing Fun Run 2 on our Ipads when leader Goon and the Managers stormed in the room. "Hey what the heck?!" Yano yelled.

"Hey where do you keep your fan mail?" said leader Goon

"In those boxes in the corner, wae?" I said confuesed.

"Because we need them, and thanks." he said running out of the room.

"Hey give those back when your done, we are going to re-oh forget it he gone anyway." Yano laughed.

"What do you think they need the fan mail for?" Asked Yano still focused on his phone.

"I don't know but P-Goon looked different." He almost looked scared from my eyes.

"Different what ever do you mean?" I laughed.

"Hey Hansol go back to your dorm, you have been here all day long." Hojoon complains.

"Okay okay I'll leave, bye babe." He said walking out.

"Bye Hansol." Bjoo says with a smile.  They are so cute. "Hey what are you guys doing?" Asked BJoo.

"Uh playing Fun Run 2." He got up in my bed and watched me kick Yano's ass.

"Ha I win again, just give up Yano your never gonna win agaist me." I boasted.

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