Opening pandora's box...

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It is now 8:19PM. I am updating bc I miss writing this story. I have waited all week to this and I am happy to update. ENJOY!!

Mysterious persons POV

Oh so my ByoungJoo is a kpop star huh? Haha he thought he could run away from me? Well I'm bringing that little bitch home.

He can't run from me forever. And he knows that. TOPP DOGG? That's the name of the group? What a stupid name.

I hope he knows it that's time of year. But it's not the right time to approach him yet, he probably already remembers our little holiday.

I remember all the times we had at the house hahaha. I miss him and his moans. Its been 5 years right? Hahaha I'll see you soon ByoungJoo.

BJoo's POV

I walked into the kitchen to get some food. "Why is there no food Hojoonie?" I asked. "I don't know ask the maknae, he is the one who eats cookies and chip all the damn time." He said.

"MAKNAE!!" I yelled.

"Yes hyung?" Yano replied.

"Why is there no food?" I asked him.

"Uh because Gohn took some before he left, I hope you don't mind."

"Don't they have food?" I asked kinda irritated.

I beginning to be irritated.

"Uh no that's why he took some food." He said.


Just then the door opened and all the other members came in. "Why the hell are guys here?" I asked.

"Well damn BJoo hyung what's up with you?" Asked Kidoh.

"We have no food, why are you guys here?" I asked again.

"Oh leader Goon and A-Tom are at it again, so we came here cause we don't want to hear 'oh faster Goon! Harder Goon!"

"I didn't need to know that." They laughed.

"I don't care what they're doing leave!" I demanded.

"Yah hyung it's our free week, we don't want to spend it listening to guys have sex all damn day okay?" Said Kidoh.

"He has a point BJoo." Said hojoon.

"ugh fine but as long as you guys order food I am hungry." I said holding my tummy.

"Okay fine what do you guys want?" Asked Kidoh.





"Pork belly!" Many answers were being thrown at Kidoh and he couldn't take it anymore.

"SHUT UP!! Only one type of food!" He yelled.

"How about we have Pizza? We haven't had that in idk how long." I suggested.

"Sure I'll get that, now give me money." He put his hand out.

"What? Don't you have money?" I asked.

"Hell no. You know I'm broke so hand over the money." He said.

"Hey why don't you go steal Leader Goons credit card?" Asked Yano.

"What no way I'm not going over there!" Said Kidoh.

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