Not inoccent anymore...

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Okay so it is 4:57am here and I have school today so since I am bored I have decided to update before 6am lol. this is going to be half and half update. Half of TOPP DOGGs POV and half of BTSs POV. HAHAHA okay bye. ENJOY!!

Jungkook's POV

I woke up with a headache and surprisingly sore too. I don't really know why I was sore because I don't remember what had happened last night. I was so tried and all I could remember was that I was watching tv with the others and then...

Jimin?! I looked next to me to see Jimin shirtless and asleep. I was about to scream but then I covered my mouth before I could make a single sound.

I let go of my mouth and looked under the sheets. I converted them quickly to realize I wasn't wearing anything. "Did I have sex with Jimin." I whispered.

Looked at the time, it was 5:47am. I shook Jimin to wake him up but he was being stubborn. "Jimin wake up." I whispered yelled.

"Nnhgg...what is it?" He woke up so cutely.

"Hyung what happened last night?" I asked as I was trying to remember.

"You mean you don't remember?" He asked sitting up.

"Uh uh. Did we..."

"Yes obviously." He said trying to fix his hair.

"You mean we had sex?!" I yelled and he covered my mouth.

"SSHH!! Are you trying to get us in trouble?!" He whispered yelled.

"Look just because we had sex doesn't mean you're off the hook Jimin hyung." I said and got up to put my boxers on.

"What are you talking about not off the hook?" He asked.

"Uh hello? You didn't talk to me for like 2 weeks and you expect me to forgive you just because I gave you my V card?" I said while checking my phone.

"What? Oh." He said looking down.

"Yeah oh." I said and texted BJoo back.

*phone convo*

Hey I was wondering do you have Show Champion today at 8?
Yeah I do. Do you?
Yes!! I guess we get to see each other then?
Yes!! And I have something to tell will be surprised.
Does it involve Jimin?
Oooohhhhh I can't wait.
Lol and I will have Suga and Jimin apologize to Hansol.
Awe np Hannie didn't care about Jimin it was Suga that really pissed him off.
Okay then I'll tell him and hyung thank you.
Awe np Kookie anytime

*end of phone convo*

"Hey Kookie are you listening to me?" Said Jimin.

"No sorry what were you saying?" I asked and put my phone on the charger.

"I was saying that I am sorry for ignoring you, I was just embarrassed and scared that you might reject me if I told you my TURE feelings." He said as he played with the sheets.

"It okay I already knew what you true feelings were." I said putting my hand on his.

"You did?" He asked.

"Yeah I could tell and I feel the same way so don't be scared about it." I said shrugging.

"Okay I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself when I saw your body and when you were with Tae too, I got kind of jealous." He said and looked down at the floor.

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