Spilling it all...

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Okay another update is here. I have decided not to update tomorrow cause it's Christmas and my family will get mad that I will be on my phone so yeah. I hope you like this chapter and has a Merry Christmas ❤️🎅🏾. Also thank you to the people who read this I really appreciate it.

BJoo's POV

So basically the members don't care if there is a relationship in the group. But I'm still kinda iffy about it cause Gohn was kinda against it but not really but he just thought it would be weird.  Not that he was against it...kinda but worried for the groups well being.


"So your asking me would I be okay with a gay couple in the group?" Asked Gohn.

"Yes would you be okay with it?" I was hoping for a really good answer.

"Um I mean it would kinda be weird I guess, I won't be against it I would just be a little worried." He said while rubbing the back of his neck looking up. Worried? Why would he be worried?

"What do you mean worried? What would you worry about?" I was confused a little.

"Well I would be worried because like what if people start to find out and then there would be rumors and it would be bad for the group.  We could possible disband and there would be rumors about us as well.  No performance just because we have members that are homosexual.  Korea isn't really open to the whole same sex thing."  He explained with got me sweating.

-End of Flashback-

I was happy he wouldn't be against it its just he did have a point. If people start to find out about it, it would be bad for the group. There would be rumors and we could get fired for dating. Even worse I could ruin Hansol's life and his dream too. I can't tell him, cause then he would think I'm second thinking him and I'm not. I'm just worried.

I went back to the dorm to rest before our performance. But Xero wanted to talk a little. "Hey Xero what's up?" I asked.

"Hey BJoo I was kinda wondering is there anything you want to talk about?" I looked at him confused. What does he mean do I have something to talk about?

"Uh what do you mean?" I asked kinda worried.

"Well like you asked about that gay couple thing and I just wanted to know why you asked that." He looked at me very sincere. I guess he really wants to know. But Hanson and I are telling everybody later today when we have our family meeting.

"Um no I was just wondering, you know me and mind it goes places but no I have nothing to say other than your looking more handsome everyday." I was trying to change the subject because he does like to talk about himslef a lot.

"Bjoo your right I do know you and I know you so much that you are trying to change the subject too." A little smile creeped up on his face.

This guy really does know me.  "I'm not I was just telling you before I forget." He chuckled.

"Uh okay whatever you say." He walked out of the room with the other members. I was left there alone in the room when I felt my phone vibrate. Looked at the screen and saw that it was out group chat.

-Phone Convo-

Leader Nim👑
Okay leader. We'll be there.
Ugh I didn't finish eating yet~
Leader Nim👑
Stop complaining and get here!

-End of Phone Convo-

I went to change out of my performing clothes into some more run around clothes. I put on some black sweat pants and a red wife beater with my G-Dragon sweatshirt. I put on some white vans and headed out with Hojoon and Yano. They were talking about the fan meeting we were going to have next week. I love fan meetings, you get to chat with the fans plus we get gifts. It's like Christmas.

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