A moment unforgettable...

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Sorry that I did not update yesterday. There was a Harry Potter marathon on and I really wanted to watch it so I'm sorry. also in watching it again right now as I write the chapter. I GOT A MACBOOK FOR CHRISTMAS HAHAHA. Well I hope you love this chapter and I also had writers block yesterday too so yeah. but ENJOY!!!

BJoo's POV

I looked at Hansol surprised and started to laugh. He saw P-Goon and A-Tom having sex?!?! Lmao that's just wow. "HAHAHA I'm lost at words right now. Are you for real? Hahaha." I couldn't stop laughing its just so funny.

"Okay cmon guys it's time to go, we are already late as it is." yelled leader Goon. We all got in the car. Well there are 3 cars so we all drive separately, I got in the same car as Hansol, Xero and Yano and Hojoon.

They were all looking at Hansol. I'm guessing they want him to tell them what he saw. But that was just too embarrassing to talk about.

When we got to the plaza Yano was jumping all over the place. He must be really happy to be here even though we are late.

Fan meeting starts at 7:30, we got here at 7:47. Our managers were really mad that we came late but it couldn't be helped. P-Goon and A-Tom just had to make love this morning.

We all got out of the car but Hansol hooded me back. "What's wrong?" I looked at him and all of a sudden and he kissed me.

"Mhmm...mmm...H-Hansol what are you-" He cut me off.

"I wanted to kiss you because I haven't yet today. I never got the chance to kiss your soft pink lips." He said kissing me again.

I started to blush. We were just siting there kissing. He then deepened the kiss and explored my mouth. Every inch of it. He put his hand under my shirt and played with my nipple. I moaned loudly.

I pushed him away. "Hansol we need to go babe." he looked sad and took his hand out of my shirt. He nodded and kissed me one more time and smiled.

We got out the car and there was P-Goon standing outside of the car mad. "Guys we don't have time for this." P-Goon said.

"Sorry leader it won't happen again." said Hansol and grabbed my had and lead the way inside.

We got inside to see all the fans excited. Just seeing them excited to see just us is so wow. There are just no words to decried how happy we all are to see them.

I went to my seat next to Gohn and Jenissi. We were about to get started and there were a lot of girls. Like a lot a lot a lot of girls. I did see some boys here but not a lot, maybe 30-45 boys but girls 100-200.

The announcer said single file line and one person at a time. The first girl came up with a TOPP DOGG shirt on. But it was all cut and showed part of her body.

I saw that Kidoh was blushing. That dude never seize to deceive me. But he is straight so what are you gonna do? The girl went to Kidoh and hugged him. He smiled. I guess he kinda likes her.

She gave me a stuffed bunny with a note. I smiled, thanked her and hugged her. I saw that Hansol was jelly and I smiled at him.

We went on for about an hour and some guys started to come up. This one guy with blue hair had an envelope for each one of us. I guess there was a letter in them for all of us.

But Hojoon, Xero and I had different color envelopes. Hojoon's was green like his hair, Xero's was red like his hair and mine was purple like my hair.

He said to open them together when they get back to out dorms. We said thank you and put them away. Another guy came up and he looked really good looking. He kinda looked like Jackson from Got7 a little.

He made us sign his album and he stopped in front of me. "Hi BJoo I'm a fan of yours." He started off saying.

"Thank you, what's your name?" I asked with a smile.

"It's actually Mark, Mark Yu." He blushed.

He looked really cute and very attractive. "Okay is there anything request that you want?" I said looking at the paper.

"Uh yeah kinda...can I have a h-hug?" I looked up at him and nodded my head. "Sure." Anything for the fans. I got up to hug him but he did different.

He grabbed hand and cupped my face, looked into my eyes and kissed me. My eyes widen in surprise. He held me in his grasp and held me tight. I tried to break free but he was strong.

I could see everybody was in shock and Hansol was about to kill the guy but Seongoong stopped him. "MMHMM!!" He then bit my neck and I screamed.

Security came and carried him out. "IM SORRY BJOO IM JUST SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!" He yelled until he was out of sight. Hansol ran to me

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" He was very worried. Everybody crowned around me and was throwing questions at me.

I was still so shocked by what happened, all I could do was look around at everyone.   I was so overwhelmed by the whole situation that my mind was going fuzzy.  Tunnel vision soon came and the next thing I knew I was out.

I woke up to hear whispering. Just many voices at once I could barley make out what they were saying. I opened my eyes. "BJoo? BJoo wake up babe! C'mon wake up BJoo." it was Hansol's voice that I heard.

I opened my eyes and saw all the members around me. "BJoo are you okay?" Hansol put his hand on my cheek.

"Yeah I'm okay. Uh what happened?" I started to sit up but my head was killing me.

"After that weirdo kissed you, you fainted so we cut the fan meeting short and took you back here to rest." leader Goon said coming forth.

"What? What happened to that guy?" I asked sitting up.

"Security took him away. But he stayed outside and apologize to us. He said he had great feelings towards you so he just couldn't resist uh your...lips." Xero said looking away.

"What kind of guy does that?" Said Seongoong.

"I don't really know but BJoo you must be really popular with the guys haha." Said Yano

"Not funny younger." Said leader Goon.

"Sorry hyung." Yano says looking down.

"It's okay really but I don't really know what he got out of it. Also I do remember he...bit my neck." I said while touching it. I felt the bite marks but it wasn't bad.

They all looked at my neck. "Yeah your neck is red but it will clear up." I looked at Hansol and smiled. He looked really relieved.

"Well I guess that was an unforgettable moment don't you think?" I said smiling and we all laughed and ate dinner. I was tired so me and Hansol escaped early to bed.

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