Guy's we have a problem...

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Hey guys, here is another chapter.  I hope you like it.  I'm next to my mom so no smut for today haha.  I will try to update tomorrow.  Or maybe even suprise you with another update today who knows.  But enjoy!!

BJoo's POV

When we got back to the dorm we all went to dorm 2.  We all searched out things to see if there was a camera in them.  I checked all my things and looked in corners.  But then I thought maybe it's in something that you would least epect. 

The first thing that came to mind was that stuffed bunny we got from the fan meet 2 weeks ago.  I looked in it and saw a red light going on and off.  I ripped the bunnys head off and saw a little camera in it.  I was so shocked that I dropped to the floor.

"BJoo hyung what's wrong?"  Said Yano.  "Where is your stuffed animal?"  He looked at me confused. 

"The stuffed animal that guy gave us at the fan meeting 2 weeks ago."  I yelled 

"Uh its in my blue bag, but why do you need it?"  He asked looking at the bad and I groan going over to it.

I went to his bag and pulled out the animal.  I ripped the head open and saw another camera.  "Awe my panda."  he faked cried. 

"Forget the panda there was a camera in the panda!"  He looked taken back when I yelled at him. 

"What do you mean there was a camera?"  He asked confused and got up walking over to me. 

I hold up the panda showing the little mini camera. "Look the camera was in the head and was recording through the eyes."  I said and look at it again shaking my head.

He looked shocked, we looked at eachother and tried to find the other animals. I looked through bags and boxes, I ended up finding Xeros under blanket and Hojoons on his desk.  This is a perfect view to see him changing clothes.

We went to the others who were on the computer.  "Guys what the hell?  You are watching videos and we just found-"  I began to say then I noticed what they were watching. "Ughnn...nn..mmm..H-hansol-"  I turned off the computer.

"AYE!"  they all yelled and Hansol had a huge blush on his face.  He looked away from the screen and looked at me chuckling a little bit.  I wasn't in the mood.

"We were watching that BJoo!-Oh BJoo."  Said Sangdo and sat back down in his seat looking away.  I rolled my eyes and turned to Hansol with my arms crossed.

"Hansol you would actually let them watch that?!"  I yelled, their eyes widen. 

"Sorry babe but we were trying to see what people had seen and this has over 3 million veiws." He says and rubs the back of his neck.

"What other videos are there?"  Yano asked worriedly and walked over to him and rubbed his back.

"You and Gohn making out and Bjoo and Hansol having sex also Hojoon changing clothes and the list goes on."  Said Leader Goon and Yano blushed. 

"I found the cameras."  They all looked at me. 

"Where babe?"  Hansol asked and got up walking to my side.

"In those stuffed animals that guy gave us at the fan meeting 2 weeks ago.  The camera is inside the head and the eye is recording." I said showing them the dismantled panda.

We all stayed silent for a moment and avoied eye contact.  "What are we going to do now?" asked Hansol.  We all didn't know the answer to that,  and we all were asking the same question.  But I had more, what if we get fired?  What if we disband because of the videos?  What if I have to go back home to dad? 

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