A fun and yummy night....

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Hey guys another chapter for you, i like this story so much that it might be a couple chapters longer lol. Well ENJOY!!!!!

Hansol's POV

A few more days passed and BJoo am out of the hospital. He was negative for STDs as well thankfully and any other virus. We made a welcome home party for him, He was really happy that BTS was there. We actualy partied all night long. Suga, Jin, J-Hope,Jenissi,Gohn and BJoo got drunk. I'm guessing from all the stress he had he kinda wanted to drink

"YAH! Is there anymore beer?" Asked Suga with a slurred tone.

"Hey Suga you don't need anymore." Said Rapmonster he said and rolled his eyes.

"Shut up Namjoon, I'll do what I want" he said sluggish and I laughed, BJoo hit my arm hard.

"Ouch BJoo?" I looked at him and he laughed. "Hey that's not funny it really hurt." I said rubbing my arm.

"Sorry Hansollie." He said giggling and I smiled at him and kissed his forehead.

"Yah give me more...beer!" Suga yelled.

"Like I said Suga you had enough." Said RapMonster and shook his head.

"And like I said Namjoon, shut up and give me more beer." He said raising his voice.

"Shut up Suga you're too loud." Said Jin.

"You shut up!" He said pushing him.

"Yah doing touch me you perv." Jin yelled.

"Hey I'm not a perv you perv!" Suga yelled.

"I'm not a perv you perv!" And they just kept going back and forth.

"Yah shut you're both pervs!" Said Jimin and crosses his arms as Jungkook put his head on his shoulder.

"SHUT UP YOU'RE A PERV!!" They both said.

"What?!" Jimin said with widen eyes

"Yeah we hear you and Kookie all freaking night long." Said Jin.

"Our poor Maknae's innocence is gone because of you you perv." Said Suga. I looked at Jungkook, he was blushing. "Uh...nggh...aahh...Jimin harder!!" Suga mimicked.

"Hey don't do that here." Said Jimin he said as he took a glance at Jungkook who had a very red face.

"Yeah whatever you are the perv, perv." Said Jin and he fell on his back falling asleep.

"Hey Hojoon, does Hansol and BJoo like you know." Asked Taehyung.

"Well not all the time and if they do we kinda leave before it happens and go to the other dorm. Basically bother dorms do that when Leader Goon and A-Tom do it they come here and when BJoo and Hansol do it we go there." He said.

"You guys have more than just two couple right?" He asked.

"Yeah." He replied.

"Don't they...?" He asked.

"No they actually don't." Said Hojoon.

"Wae?" He asked.

"Oh I don't know ask them." Hojoon said with a shrug.

"Hey Xero hyung, why don't you and Jenissi have sex?" Asked Taehyun. Everyone turned to Xero.

"Uh cause we don't need sex to express our love." Said Xero.

"Nope he is just not ready which is fine I have no problem." Said Jenissi and Xero hit his arm.

"Ouch its the truth no need to lie." Said Jenissi rubbing his hurt arm.

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