A Student
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Chapter 51
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ vomment

"Can you believe that's the first shot I've made in my entire life?" I ask Alec looking at the basketball basket.

"I kind of can," he says.

Let's dismiss the fact I'm sitting on his shoulders and celebrate my first ball straight in the basket. I clap for myself and flip my hair in a white girl fashion.


Alec turns around for me and I look down at Annabelle. I scowl. "I come in peace," she says holding her hands up. She swallows hard and looks around before pulling out a white envelope.

"What is that?" Alec asks.

"It's the test."

I gulp. Alec takes it and pass it up to me. I look at it and frown. "You haven't opened it?" I ask.

"I know who the father is," she says confidently.

I slowly rip it open and read through it. I don't say anything, I don't panic or exaggerate or smash her face in a massive potato mashing machine. I won't use her as cotton candy cone, or use her golden hair as mop.

I simply return the envelope to her and nod. "I will make sure my brother pays a reasonable child support."

"What is it?"

She furrows her eyebrows. "Human."

I face palm myself. "A girl? A boy?"

She smiles softly. "It's a boy."

I smile too. I have a nephew. Alec takes my hips, lifts me up and helps me get down. Once my feet are on the ground I walk towards Annabelle and place my hand on her belly. I smile, "hey there," I coo. "I'm Nysa. Your aunt. And I love you."

Annabelle chuckles. Then she sniffs, please don't cry on me, please don't. "You do?" She asks me softly looking down at my hands in her belly.

"Of course," I say offended. "That's my brother's DNA in your son's chromosomes, he has my blood. He's my nephew, and I will provide him the best I can."

I smile softly at her belly and then back a few steps back. Alec wraps his arm around my torso kissing my temple. I smile automatically, I put one arm around his waist and look up plucking my lips. He chuckles leaning down and kissing me. I pull away first, blushing, and look down giggling. I'm such a schoolgirl, and my insides are way too romantic and nerdy, and I'm very good at dozing off, but I'm awesome at what I do, and that's what matters. I wrap both arms around him hugging him. Well, kind of hugging, because if I squish him I'll probably make him spasm in pain. He's still healing from his wounds he got six weeks ago.

Talking about the six weeks ago, those were some wild six weeks ago. People in school have been preaching me about The Green Hand incident, and some of them have penalties for trying to release private information to the news. I try to ignore them, it'll pass just like any other trend. In these six weeks we've been trying to track down our psycho, but he has been off the radar. It's like he decided to take a chill pill in Hawaii or something. Plus I've been enduring the distraction Alec is when he's around, and let's just say, I'm not good at enduring distractions.

I hear a sigh and I turn my head to look over my shoulder. "I'd like to apologize," says Annie. "For real, from the bottom of my purse," ah, I kind of do believe the apology. When she's putting the value of her purse over her heart, I take it into consideration. "It was jealousy, and I was so afraid. Afraid I might loose everything, my friends, my boyfriend, my parties- just everything." I cringe, she kind of did. "And I've realized, I've lost things that I never even had in the first place. So I mistreated you so horribly, as if you were my fear, and you know how they always say face your fears. I did so wrong, and I truly apologize. To you too Alec, I used you for all you provided, money, sex, drugs, alcohol-" she stops herself, exactly, too much there. I simply kept my head down, I'm not sure what to do. "And the worst thing I did was keep you from having some good in you, in your life, which is Princess that has changed you immensely, and I am so sorry to have been that person that was against you becoming better, because the moment you did I would've lost everything."

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