12 - proposal

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                    Seven years later

"Let's show them that we're the best, alright?" I pep the fantastic quidditch team I'm in, the quidditch team I'm the captain for. Holyhead Harpies.

"YEAH!!!" The team says in unison and we run out of the dressing room. Me and the captain of  The Puddlemere United shakes hands but of course everyone glares at the other team members. I however doesn't, I shot a glance at the crowd, scanning it until I see what I'm searching for. Or who I'm searching for. Draco Malfoy, my boyfriend the latest seven years. He's always at my matches. But now I need to concentrate.

"Glynnis" I hiss between gritted teeth when I see the opposite seeker faking to see the snitch and I actually do see it. She nods quickly and accelerate and is so close to the snitch but then, she keys a bludger right on her shoulder. I see Gwendolyn dove for her so I adjust my eyes to search for the the quaffle and I score. After around twenty more minutes the score is 50-20 with us leading.

Then I see Glynnis flying up again, her face full of determination now. And just like that I have a bludger millimetres from my shoulder, I see Draco's look of worry on his face before reminding myself that I have to concentrate. But before I can do anything Glynnis catches the snitch. Wow that's a rather quick match... anyways that's just good cause we win with 200-30 now.

After shaking hands again, now my team earning glares of the Arrows, we smiling widely Draco goes up to me with a even wider grin on his face.

"You and your team were great today" he says, hugging me tightly.

"Yeah, we're pretty great, aren't we?" I say teasingly but he just rolls his eyes.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley" he starts, having his sheepishly big smile on his face before going down in one knee.

"Oh my god" I say, not totally believing what I'm seeing.

"Will you do me the honour and becoming a Malfoy?" He says opening a small, black box made of silk. The box however has a beautiful, fantastic just magnificent ring inside. It's a silver ring with a glowing green emerald on it.

"Are you crazy?! Of course!" I say, over joyed and pretty much jumps on his and he laughs letting out a breath and kisses me.

"I love you Gin" he says, in my hair where we stand there.

"I love you too" I say smiling into his chest.

"Awwww, I didn't think you'd grow up so fast Captain" the former captain, Gwenog Jones says grinning at us.

"Whatever" I say not even trying to hold back my sheepishly big smile.

"Well, we better go. Bye" Draco says and the moment I say goodbye he takes my hand and we apparate home.

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