Chapter 8 Training

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"You should probably go and meet up with the other seekers soon Ginny, it's almost 7pm" Luna tells me as we sit in the library. Like we have done for the past hour.
"I heard Cho is going to help" Luna adds while I sigh and walks out the library. With her next to me she wanted to watch and give me a pep talk.
"Cho Chang?" I ask.
"Yep" she answers.
"Did she tell you about the other one?" I'm starting to get really curious about who it is. I now it's not really a big deal. But still, it's exiting.
"You know it could be Draco Malfoy, he's a seeker" she say nonchalantly.
"That's true..." I kinda hope it is him. But I know I shouldn't.

Once there Madame Hooch tells Luna that she can't be here when we practice since she isn't a quidditch player, and we all need to focus as the game is tomorrow.

Weirdly enough only Cho is there. Well guess the hufflepuff or Slytherin seeker won't come then.

"Hi Ginny" Cho says. As always she is way to polite since I know she doesn't even like me that much.
"Hi Cho" I always start to be as polite as I can back even though I know she's just faking liking me. But hey, who cares it's not like she's faking being my best friend or something.
"Ok, so I know you have played as a seeker before, so you know how to do it, but lest do like a little quiz. It won't be to hard, I promise" she takes a parchment and a quill from a bag she had with her. Of course. That's a typical Rawenclaw thing. Quizzes.
"Or we just do something that will actually help" a voice behind me startles me.
"It's her against you tomorrow Malfoy, it's not that big of a chance that you will actually try to help her" Cho answers, pretty upset if I get to add.
"What do you think Ginny?" Even though Cho asks if they both look at me waiting for a answer. Cho looks serious while Draco smirks at me. He knows that I think he is right, but he also knows that it's not a fat chance of a Gryffindor rather taking help from a Slytherin than from a Rawenclaw.
"Well... both of it sound like a good idea" I smile awkwardly.

"Miss Weasley, Mr Malfoy and Miss Chang why are you down here shouldn't you be in the air? Flying and practicing?!" Madame Hooch saves me from making any more tests than we already have here.
"Looks like it's my way then" Malfoy tells proudly.
"Sorry" I tell Cho as I k ow how much she hates being wrong. Though that isn't something just for her, pretty much everyone at Hogwarts hates being wrong since that usually means that you straight up fail.

After that we all fly up in the air and Madame Hooch lets the golden snitch out.

"I'll show you how you do it great Ginny" Cho says right before taking off. I can't lie, she's good it didn't take too long for her too catch it.
"My turn ladies" Malfoy is -if I may add- not too bad either, I actually thought he was just making a big deal off himself when he said that he was a godly seeker. He obviously isn't THAT good but he's better than expected. Last time Slytherin had a quidditch game I was in detention so I guess it's not that weird that I don't know that much about how good he is.
"Try all you got, Weasley" Malfoy gives me a smirk. I can see Cho get irritated over him but she wishes me good luck too and I catch the golden snitch. If I may add impressively fast. By that I mean al sit as good as them. Who has trained for this for a really long time and I haven't really been training for the seeker position in a long time.

Around one hour later Cho says she has to keep studying for her test so me and Draco keeps practicing alone.

"Weasley" When Draco says my name I already understands he's gonna day something weird. It's something in his tone.
"What?" I say suspiciously.
"How can you possibly get hotter when you're up here, than when you're down at the ground" I can tell he's smirking and is probably just teasing me. But that doesn't stop my cheeks from getting so hot so I think they're going to burn in massive holes in my face. And I al lay loose my balance. But of course he's catching me.
"You should try being more careful, hot stuff" he strange up laughs at me.
"You're not gonna let me forget this are you?" While I ask him this I realise that it's the end of any proudness I will ever be able to have. At least if he's gonna be anywhere close, or talking to me.
"Never in your life" he just keeps laughing.

"Ok you guys! You should get back to your dorms now! It's almost 9pm!" Madame Hooch interrupts us with her screaming.
Malfoy -who already has the golden snitch- lands and hands it over to Madame Hooch. We both land and in the hallway back he -who stopped laughing a while ago- starts chuckling.
"Just stop" I can fee my cheeks getting red again. Thank god no one else is here though.
"You're so cute when you're mad" he gets out in between his chuckles.
"Whatever!" I'm getting really red now.
"Your secret admirer wanted you to get this by the way" he hands me a letter smiling REALLY big. I starts reading it looks like this:

Dear Ginny Weasley

You know who I am now, but I thought that you would appreciate a letter instead of me telling you in person. Since you start blushing whenever I say anything to you I mean.

As you know this year we a re having the Yule balm at Hogwarts, and I wanted to ask you

Ginevra Molly Weasley, will you go to the Yule ball with me?

Im probably gonna be standing next to you when you read this so.... you can just answer me in person. Even though I know you're gonna blush.

Your (handsome) secret admirer (that isn't so secret anymore, but still)

I -as he said- blushes.
"I would love to" I hug him tight.
"But we gotta be pretty secretly about it" he adds after giving me a hug he almost doesn't pull away from.

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