Chapter 9 the game

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"Sure thing" I answer.
"Anyways, cya at the match tomorrow?" I ask.
"Yep, tell Potter we're gonna win" he laughs.
"Let's see about that" I roll my eyes.
"Cya tomorrow Ginny" he gives me a sweet smile. Wow, a Malfoy giving a Weasley a smile, a SWEET smile.
"Yup" I just tell him before we go separate ways.

"So, how'd it go?" Harry asks the second I get in he common room.
"It was good, I did pretty good" I give him a smile. He seems to need it if he stays up to 9pm just to ask how my quidditch practice went.
"I'm not talking about that, or well I am talking about that but not only that" he looks at me seriously.
"Then what is it about?" I'm seriously confused by his answer.
"I hear Malfoy... helped out" he says the last part with disgust.
"Yeah, he did" I roll my eyes at him being so childish just because he doesn't like Draco.
"I wish I could've helped you instead" he really looks like he blames himself for something bad. That hasn't even happened!
"Harry, nothing bad happened, he really did help me" I reassure him I'm fine and give him a quick hug.
"Cya tomorrow Harry. And don't worry" I tell him on my way to the girls dormitory.
"Yep Cya Ginny..." he says the second I disappear from his sight.

"Hey Ginny.." Hermione stops me on the way to my room.
"Hey, Hermione" I say.
"I saw what happened with you and Malfoy" she looks sad. 
"W what are you talking about?" I get a bit red in the face. Does she know that Draco asked me to the ball.
"You And Malfoy we're walking together and you blushed, sound familiar?" She looks like she judges me extremely much.
"Ugh, you're too smart to keep a secret from, aren't you?" I sigh.
"Tell me all" she looks a bit exited. I guess that's how it is having 2 boys as her best friends. Well one of them is her boyfriend. But still.
"Gone, but you have to promise to not tel anyone else!" I give her a warning glance.
"Cross my heart and hope to die!" Now she looks like she could explode of excitement.
"Well.. Draco kind of asked me to go to the Yule Ball with him" my cheeks gets really hot as I tell her.
"It's hard to be mad at you two right now... I mean he obviously makes you so happy, plus he hasn't really done anything to you, I guess" she smiles weakly at me and I give her a big hug for being so understanding.
"You're the best 'Mione" I say.
"I know Ginny" she laughs.
"But I won't tell Harry and Ron on 2 conditions" she says seriously.
"What?!" I say suspiciously.
"The first one is that you'll tell them yourself soon enough, and the others Rome is that you let me help you get ready, you don't understand how long I've wanted to make a Slytherin be totally stunned by a Gryffindor since all they do is to say they're better than us" she says with a big, bright smile.
"You got it" I return her smile.
"Though you're pretty popular with the boys so I'm pretty sure it won't be just Malfoy who gets his eyes on you" she laughs and I start to blush again.
"Whatever" I say shyly.
"Good, the Yule ball is in like two months so, you better be ready" she says with a smirk.
"Is this what people mean when they say that you're scary" I tease her.
"Shush or I'll tell the twins, I said won't tell Ron or Harry but I didn't say anything about anyone else" she says with a smirk. Bigger this time.
"Good night Hermione Cya tomorrow" I sigh.
"Good night Ginny" she laughs

Next day after school at the quidditch                           Game

"Ok everyone, if we win this we're a step closer to the cup, so give all you got" Harry tells us all as a pep talk.
"Do all of you remember the plan?" He asks all of us.
"Yep" the most of us tells but some just nods.
"Good, now let's make sure to win this!" He says as the last thing before we all fly up when Madame Hooch shouts that we're gonna start.
I can see Draco smirk are me. Ha, he thinks they're gonna win, but he doesn't understand show big pretty much everyone in our team wants that cup this year again.

Fred and George flys fast as ever and gets the Bludgers and gets them close enough to Draco for him to loose track of his balance and for me too find the golden snitch I take a turn for it but a bludger comes just a few millimetres from my face. And now that's why I like being a   chaser more. You're not such a big target. It doesn't really get better than I have hexed at least half the Slytherin team with a bat bogey hex so I'm usually a target they don't mind slinking a bludger at. And now they have a good reason to do so. I hear Lee Jordan comment everything but I succeed to keep my focus on the golden snitch. I take a quick look at where the bludgers are. And thank god for that because if I wouldn't have done that I would have been pricked in a second but since I saw them I avoid them.

There it is. I see the golden snitch. And bam I get it. The other team actually succeeded to get some balls in the goal but, not many enough to win so this is what comes out of Lee Jordan's moth the next second.

"And Gryffindors team wins once again! Can we get a applause!!" After those words all in the Gryffindor stats clapping. Of course some of the Ravenclaw And Hufflepuffs too, but the Slytherins doesn't look too happy about it, which actually just makes me more happy about we winning.

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