Chapter 3. The library

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I saw Weasley, Potter and the mudblood walk into the great hall with the girl Weasley behind them. They all laughed and started eating. The Weasley girl is kinda hot, I can't wait for the quidditch match tomorrow, then I'm gonna have a reason to be in the same room as her at least. I see her looking my way and smirks. Proud over myself. She's totally more into me than 'Saint Potter'.

"Baaaaaabeeeeee" Pansy sits down next to me. "I told you already Pansy, we're NOT dating" I say while I see Ginny. That's her name I think. Yep it gotta be Ginny since the mudblood is screaming Ginny at her. Anyways the Mudblood And Ginny is walking to the corridor. "Pansy I'm gonna go to the common room. Do not follow me or else" I warn her. I see her sigh but then start talking to Blaise as I walk away.

Mudblood is screaming at Ginny so I hide behind a statue of some old headmaster. It seems like they're having a fight or something.

"What was that about Hermione?" Ginny asks. "Ginny! I saw you starring at that awful scumbag Malfoy! How could you! Harry likes you, you like Harry.... why would you do that?!" Hermione screams at Ginny. "Hermione! I'm not into Harry! I love him, yeah, but only like a friend. Plus Draco hasn't even done anything to me! Has he?!" Ginny scream back. Impatiently. "Ginerva Molly Weasley I am just worried about you! You have no idea about what he can do! I know your a amazing person who always tries to be a good person but Malfoy is a monster. A heartless monster!" Hermione says while her eyes starts darken. "I don't know what you're talking about but I'm NOT gonna judge him, or anyone else just because someone has a bad past with someone else" She says visibly starts to loose her temper. "I know Ginny but.." Hermione still tries to convince Ginny. "But what? But you think he's a monster? Because you have already said that" She say angrily. "I just care about what's best for you, believe me" Hermione says calmly. "Are you? Are you really that because I think you're just trying to be a good girlfriend to Ron, well you know what? Start caring about you beloved boyfriend instead of me" Ginny says upset. "Ginny!" Hermione screams visibly hurt. "Don't worry, if I don't let you close it's not like Lavender Brown is gonna get it easier to get me to like her. I have to go now, I'm supposed to meet up with Luna" She say as she walks away.

Hermione still remembers that? She will make it harder for me to make Ginny like me back. I figure as I walk back to the great hall.

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