Chapter 6 Dramione

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When I got back to my dorm that night I didn't sleep at all. I was up trying to figure out who wrote that note. My first thought was kind of bissante though. I thought Malfoy wrote it since 'saint potter' and other things in the letter kind of felt like things he would write. But I'm just a Weasley. Why would he ever like me. I'm literally everything he isn't. He's rich, I'm poor. He's a Slytherin I'm a Gryffindor. He's better than me if you ask him. If you ask him I could probably go and die....


"Ginny? Your going to miss first period. You already missed breakfast" Hermione is coming inside and I hide my letter in my pocket.
"Oh umm I'll be right there then" I say making sure the letter is safe and can't fall out.
"Ok Ginny see you later then"
"I'm sorry Hermione. I didn't mean what I said yesterday. I.. I just don't want to judge people for what they have done before or to someone else" I say just before she walks out the door.
"Thanks" she don't look at me. Looks like she can't look at me. I wonder why....

I get ready really fast and and runs to Herbology class.

It has been some days now. I'm still thinking about the letter. The only one I can think of who could've written it was Draco Malfoy. It's Saturday. Meaning we get to go to Hogsmeade today. And for me it means meeting up with him.

When we arrive Hermione and Ron is going to The Three Broomsticks.

"So Ginny do you wanna go to Zonko's with me?" He looks hopeful at me. In the corner of my eye I see Malfoy looking straight in my eyes but starts walking towards The Shrieking Shack. "Umm sorry Harry but I I'm meeting up with Luna and Colin" I say. "I can go with you?" He's grabbing my hand. Not hard, but it doesn't feel like he's going to let go. "Harry! Why can't you just go with some of your other friends! I wanna have some time with my friends!" I stare at him. "Because I like you Ginny! More than a friend" he looks straight in my eyes. Why does everyone have to do that?! "I'm sorry Harry, but I don't like you in that way. I like someone else" I get my hand out of his grip and walks away.

When I meet up with Malfoy he sits on a bench. "I almost didn't think you would show up" he stand up when he sees me. "Sorry Harry asked me out" I say looking at the ground.
"Oh! Well yay... your together with Saint Potter now, huh" his face turns slightly red. "I.. I didn't say I said yes" I look at him. "You. Didn't. Say. Yes. To. POTTER?!" I don't think I have ever seen a guy as surprised as him. "I have to ask you something..." I blush while saying it. "What" he looks right into my eyes while saying it. "D did you write that letter?" It's my turn to stare at him. "How did you know?! I ummm I mean why do you think that?" He starts blushing. "I've been thinking about what it was standing in that letter and you're the only one I can think of that would write that" I'm blushing too. "I guess it's no use keeping it a secret now then" he walks up to me and strikes with his hand over my hair. "You are extremely beautiful Ginny Weasley, you know that?" He smiles at me. "I.. umm" I blush more than I ever have before. He smirks at me but backs a step. I see Ron and Hermione coming. "Oh ummm look behind you" I say pointing at them with my head. "Should we pretend to fight or try to leave.." he says quickly and quite to me. "Let's go?" We run out of there just in time.

"Hey Ginny!" Luna yells at me with Colin and Harry next to her some meters away from us.
"I got this Ginny" Draco tells me quietly.
"Just play along" he continues.
"Why are you with him Ginny? He's a bully don't forget that!" Harry yells at me while they walk up to us.
"Please like I'd ever in my life be next to a blood traitor if I had a choice" Draco says rolling his eyes at Harry.
"He just.." I try to interfere.
"He what? He disrespects my friend? Hell yes he does" Harry takes out his wand and so does Draco the next moment.

"What's going on here guys?" Ron interrupts with Hermione.
"It was all just a misunderstanding.." I try.
"He was calling Ginny a blood traitor!" Harry tells them.
"Bloody idiot, Malfoy!" Ron takes a step towards him.
"You never learn do you Malfoy" Hermione gives me a "what-did-I-tell-you" look.

"Okay, Hermione you're a very good friend and all, but what the hell is going on between you two" I look at her and Draco while saying it.

Then Blaise walks up to us and stands next to me.

"Awwww, haven't told your friend have you?" Blaise smirks.
"Not now Ginny!" Hermione yells.
"Luna could you please take Ron somewhere else so that this won't get even weirder for Hermione. Cause she obviously doesn't want to tell in front of him" I roll my eyes.
"Smart red head, that's unusual" Blaise smirks and pats my head.
"I'm warning you to do that again Zabini" I give him a death glare and he immediately stops and gives me some space.

"Sure" Luna answers while basically drags Ron out of there.

"Now tell us Hermione" I look at her again.
"Well...." she looks down her foots.
"She and I was dating" Malfoy says rolling his eyes.
"WTF Hermione?! WTF Malfoy?!" Harry screams.
"Woooooow" Colin says.
"Oh Merlin..." I say.
"You said you'd never tell anyone Malfoy! You two!!" She looks at Blaise and Draco.
"Well they were about to figure it out anyways" Draco shrugs as a answer.
"I'm gonna tell Ron" Harry says.
"No no no! Please Harry I beg you! He can't know!" Hermione screams at him glancing at Ron to make sure he hasn't heard them.
"Well... it makes since.. I guess. Why you've been acting so weird" I say like nothing happened.

They all look at me like I'm crazy except Draco and Zabini who can't stop laughing.
"What!?" I say starting to blush.
"You.. you're acting like nothing has happened Ginny..." Hermione and Harry says together.
"I just mean everyone can be together with whoever anyone wants to be with" I say shrugging.
"And stop laughing" I say red in the face when I look at Blaise and Draco.
"That's adorable!" Blaise laughs.
"I'm out. I'm so out" I -red like a tomato- awkwardly walk away.

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