Chapter 4. Perfect girlfriend

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"Hey Luna!" I hug Luna.
"Hey Gin!" She hugs me back.
"Let's go to class?" She asks.
"Yep, I'm so happy we have at least one class together" I smile. 
"And you rock at it" she laughs. 
"You're great at it too" I laugh too.

On our way to class Luna bumps in to Malfoy by accident.

"Oh, sorry" she says as she backs one step and stand next to me.
"You may be a pure blood but your never gonna be worthy the title of a pure blood" he says scanning Luna upside down.
"C'mon Draco the idiot Parkinson is coming this way" Zabini says walking up behind Malfoy.
"Let's go Luna, class starts soon" I say trying to push her towards the charms classroom.
"I thought we were going with Colin?" Luna say making me stop.
"Awww, are you scared Weasley?" Zabini grins.
"No I'm not I just don't wanna see Parkinson's weird face go around screaming 'baaaaaabeeeeeee' it's really annoying" I say giving Blaise Zabini a angry look.
"Baaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyy" Parkinson comes running up to Malfoy.
"Bye" I say to Malfoy and Zabini rolling my eyes at Parkinson.

Malfoy and Zabini runs into the library as Parkinson walks up to me and Luna.
"Have you two seen Draco?" Parkinson asks nonchalantly.
"Ye" Luna starts but I interrupt her and answers "nope should we?"
"Whatever. What about Blaise?" She says a little annoyed.
"No Parkinson, can you leave now?"
I roll my eyes. 
"Fine, you carrot" she walks away screaming Malfoy's and Zabini's names searching for them.
"Let's go find Collin?" Luna asks.
"Yeah let's go" I answer.
"I think he might be in the library, he told me yesterday that he had to study for a test coming up and would probably be in the library if we couldn't find him" Luna starts walking towards the library.
"Then I guess he's probably there" I follow Luna into the library.

"Hey Colin" I say when I see him.
"Wha?! Oh hey Ginny, you startled me" he says standing up in the chair he was sitting in.
He hug both me and Luna.

"Can we borrow your dear Red head for a short while" Malfoy ask as he and Zabini walks up to us.
"Yeah sure but hurry up she already got detention today and If she's late" Luna says hushing me when I'm trying to protest.
"Luna!" I scream at her. 
"They're never gonna leave you alone if you don't" she starts reading a book. "Now go Ginny you don't have that long before class starts" I give her a angry look when I see both Malfoy and Zabini smirks at me.

They tell me to follow them to a corner of the library that no one else is in.
"We happen to know that you didn't tell Pansy Parkinson that we were here. And we want to know why" they both say at almost the exact same time.
"Ummm well, I didn't tell her because, ummm it's really annoying when she are screaming at you two like a annoying little shit. Plus it's pretty nice to see her annoyed" my face turning slightly red.

They exchange looks with each other's.
"Then why are you all red?" Zabini starts asking while he and Malfoy walks towards me so I (obviously) walk back and take my want out.
"I I'm not red"
"You sure are" Malfoy starts grinning while seeing me getting more red.

Ginny Luna told me to get you" Colin Interrupts them.
"Can't it wait?" Malfoy asks looking at Colin angrily.
"Bye, hope I'll never see ya" I say dragging Colin by his arm towards Luna.

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