Chapter 5 Secret admiror

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It's finally time for dinner in the great hall. "This is really good" Ron says while eating like crazy next to me. Both Harry and Hermione are starring on me. Hermione seems to still be thinking about this morning. Harry. Harry just keeps starring at me. I hate that. Because I know Hermione was right with at least one thing this morning. That Harry likes me. I mean he always offers to walk to class with me. Even when he is supposed to go with Ron and Hermione.  And he's really nice to me. Nicer than usual. He is nice to the most of the people he knows. It's just that it's something extra about his kindness. "Hey Gin can you help me with my homework at the library later. Since I know your really good at hexes and charms." Harry asks while exchanging a look with Hermione. I wonder if he and Hermione talked about that I told her that I don't like Harry. Not like that. "Sorry but i really can't" I answer.
Why not, do you have plans with someone else or what? Hermione asks almost a second after I answered Harry.
"Because I have detention. Remember? I should go now anyways" I stand up and walk away from the great hall and in the hallway on my way to detention I see Malfoy and his brainwashed slaves. Crabbe and Goyle.

"Red head" Malfoy says standing in my way so I can't get past him.
"I don't have time for you Malfoy" I answer coldly.
"Who cares i have something for you" he says as cold as me.
"What?" I say surprised.
"Well not me. But one of my friends got in from a second year Rawenclaw who said that he got in from some Gryffindor person I think. I obviously read it so don't even think that I would be nice and just give something to you just because it's yours" he talks so fast it's almost impossible to hear everything he says. "Ok?" I take the letter he hands me.
"Thanks I guess but I have detention so could you move?" I put the letter in a pocket.
"Sure but I have detention too so even if you get me to leave you alone now we are going to have to 'work together' as McGonagall would say." he almost grins. Weird.
"Whatever" I say starting  to walk to the potions classroom where Filch waits for me, Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy.

"You two" Filch points at Crabbe and Goyle "you can go to your professor Sprout's classroom she said she needed help to feed the most dangerous plants in her classroom and she couldn't ask that of the third graders that got detention" Crabbe and Goyle gives Malfoy a look, when Malfoy nods to them they walk out the classroom and walks to the Herbology classroom.

"You two have to sort professor Snape's all ingredients bottles and everything possible in this classroom after how dangerous it is" Me and Malfoy exchange a look that means 'this will take some time won't it?'  "What are you doing?! Hurry up it I'll talk to Dumbledore and he'll get both of you kicked out of here.

Me and Malfoy walks over to the other room where Snape keeps all of his most dangerous and powerful elixirs.
"Read it" Malfoy suddenly says.
"What?" I answer confused.
"Read the letter" he rolls his eyes.
"Oh, umm sure" I take the letter out of my pocket.

                       Dear Ginny Weasley

You'll probably hate me when you find out who I am. But I hope that the quote that people always says that your famous for - you sort of start to think anything is possible if you got enough nerve - with that I mean I hope that even though we are different that this can be possible. Because I promise you, you can make any guy in the school have enough nerve. Me included. When you find out who I am. I know you will. I just want you to know that I am truly honest when telling you this. Ginny Weasley you are athletic, pretty and popular. You are a very powerful witch. You never have trouble finding a date. And the guy dating you are lucky. Some people might underestimate you. I know I did once. However you're a whole lot tougher than you look. Which probably explains why the most popular guy in the school likes you. I mean If I was in Saint Potters position I would probably never take my eyes of you either.

Please Ginny when you found out who I am don't judge me for what I have done before or my house or anything else. I know you ratent the one for judging but the most people would judge me. And I heard your fight with Granger this morning. I think it was powerful done of you to stand up for Draco Malfoy like that. Even though you probably hate him. Even though he deserves it.

I want you to keep this letter.


And remember that I really like you Ginny Weasley. No, no I think I love you. When you'd mike and laugh everything I can think about is you. I get happy when I see you being happy. The first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is you and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep is you.

Your secret admirer

"What's up Weasley. You're all red in your face again." He looks at me with a face that looks like concern.
"Oh I'm... im fine" I feel my face getting hotter of my blush.
Someone actually thinks all this about me?

"So umm like I said I have already read the letter. So what did ya think 'bout it?" He asks.
"It was beautiful. I didn't know anyone thought something like that about me" I answer him.
"Why did you stand up for me with Granger anyways" he says looking me in the eyes.
"I... just don't know... I just fet like even if Hermione and you had a bad past or that you did something to her. That's your business. I get to judge you if I fee that you deserve to get judged" I answer him looking down.
"And you don't think I deserve it?" He says. Still starring at me.
"Not really" I say starting to sort the different elixirs awkwardly.
"This weekend, when were going to Hogsmeade. Are you going?" He helps me.
"Yeah, why" I ask.
"Meet me at The Shrieking Shack" he says starts starring at me with a burning look again.
"Ok I guess. But only if your alone because if your tricking me or Crabbe and Goyle are there" He cuts me off there and says
"I promise Ginny Weasley. I'll be there. Alone. No tricks. No Crabbe and Goyle. You have my word"

We spend the rest of the night sorting poisons and elixirs and actually anything you can have in a poisons classroom.

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