Chapter 7 Quidditch

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One day later

I sit down at the Gryffindor table to eat breakfast. I see Draco give me a grin and I start to blush thinking 'bout yesterday. I mean it wasn't that weird to like.. to not think anything's wrong with Draco and Hermione have dated. Though if they did now, I'd probably get pretty angry or maybe just jealous. Since I like Draco and I'm Hermione's friend. BUT they don't like each other anymore so it's not even a problem.
"Hey Gin..." I recognise the voice. It's Harry as he and the rest of his trio sits down next to me and Colin. When I think about it I can't stop thinking what a shame that Luna isn't a Gryffindor. We never get to eat lunch with each other because of that.
"Oh umm hi, what's happening" I'm still a little distracted with thoughts so I don't relise they have been quite for at least 5 minutes. Which is very unlike all of them.
"Do you like the albino idiot" Harry says and breaks the silence with something like that. This can get awkward.
"Ummmm why do you think that" I do my best not to turn into a strawberry. But I would say I failed.
"Well first you haven't been as harsh on him as you usually are, and it's kinda hard not to notice how you two stares at each other's pretty often" Hermione answers. Looking down in her food.
"Well y'know I would love to stay chatting about this absolutely absurd subject but I'm gonna get going now.." I take my things and get ready to leave.
The 'golden trio' as they're called exchanges a look full of doubt but I do my beat to ignore it and stands up.

"Agent you going to answer there question?" I hear in the voice that Draco smiles while saying it behind me.
"I have a class to go to" I murmur.
"It's not nice lying to your friends Ginger" as Zabini has starting calling me. It's a upgrade from red head at least I guess.
"I'm not lying" I take a deep breath.
"I'm simply just not answering with a answer that makes sense, that ain't a crime" I say walking away.
I hear some Slytherins laughing at what I said as they probably heard it.

Not surprised though. It's not like they think my existence makes sense. So that answer got to have amused them. A little bit at last. Meh, why even care about them. I just beg that Draco tells them anything.

Some time later

"Hey Luna I better get to the library I still haven't done my homework in potions. It's supposed to be done tomorrow" I tell Luna as we walk in the corridor when we've eaten our lunch. That's not entirely true. But I just need some calm alone time. Hermione, Harry and Ron haven't let me go with there gaze for the whole day.
"Didn't you do it yesterday?" Luna asks.
"Well yes.... but I have to re-do it" i beg for her to believe me. Inside obviously.
"Okay, if you say so..." I can say by the look of her face that she doesn't believe me at all. But I really appreciate that she gives me some alone time without questioning it.
"Thanks Luna" I give her a days hug then I run to the library and sits down at the floor in a corner. There it is. One of my favourite books in the whole library. I do t think anyone but me have found it anyways. People here doesn't really like reading more than necessary. And if they do I don't think that a book named Quidditch Trough The Ages.
But I don't really care what anyone else thinks about the books I read. I mean I'm the one who reads them. I starts reading. I'm halfway in when Draco comes up to me.

"What are you doing Weasley? Lovegood said that you were re-doing a potions homework?" Draco startled me coming out of nowhere. Or.. well behind the book shelter.
"Oh, I... I'm done with it so I decided to read a little, that's all" I answer.
"Why? Where you looking for me or something?" I ask.
"Well... for the record yes I was" he turns slightly pink in his face. This is interesting.
"Why?" I rase one eyebrow.
"Well Madame Hooch told me she needed to tell you something. I think it's something 'bout the quidditch match tomorrow" he just answers.
"Ok, thanks D- Malfoy" I relise how close I was to say his first name and blush.
"You're welcome" he just grins relises -too- what I was about to do. I tried to ignore it and just puts away the book and runs down to the training grounds.

When I see Madame Hooch I can see she stalking to Harry. Wonder what's wrong.

"Excuse me Madame Hooch, you wanted to see me?" I'm turning slightly red from feeing like I had to interrupt them.
"Ah yes, Miss Weasley I'm glad you came so fast. It's like this, Mr Potter here got himself the captain role and all but as you know, he cannot play quidditch for the rest of the month since the last game when he got his accident. So could you play seeker the game tomorrow since you're the best seeker we have except mr potter" they both look intense at me. Madame Hooch, because we need a new seeker till tomorrow and Harry, because he can't stand his team to loose.
"Sure" I answer them both.
"Thanks Ginny you're the best" It's hard to miss the happiness in his eyes.
"Good that we all solved that, now you two should have classes soon, but miss Weasley if you'd like to you could come here at 7 pm to train some extra since you haven't been practising being a seeker for a long time. I'll have two other seekers to come help you to make sure that... one of them doesn't try to learn you wrong. You know how strong people's instincts can get when they want to win" Madame Hooch smiles at me.
"Thanks Madame Hooch, ill be here" I answer.

Me and Harry hurry's back to our classes. I can't help but to think who's the other seekers I'm gonna get help by later. And why did Madame Hooch act like they would be ready to anything to get there way. I mean they can't be THAT bad. Right?

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