Chapter 11 Official

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When I get down to the great hall everything is different, it isn't a single chair in the room, all the long tables has been replaced with small tables with food and drinks on. And most importantly all the people. Everyone is happy and are dancing in beautiful outfits.

"There you are, she looks stunning doesn't she?" Hermione says to the boys. And when she says it I can see how she flickers with the look to another blonde guy standing in a corner. Alone. And looking at me. "Ginny didn't you promise someone a dance?" Hermione says smiling. Or maybe it's a smirk.
"Right..." I say giving her a sceptical look then I walk over to Draco.

"You look stunning Weasley" he says giving me a smirk. "You don't look to bad yourself Blondie" I say returning the smile.
"Whatever" he says rolling his eyes. "Do you want to dance?" He adds. Nervously? Maybe nervously, I'm not sure.  "Sure" I say laughing. And blushing.

He takes my hand and starts swinging me around like I'm made of feathers. And like he's a darn professional dancer or something. And man can I see every single person in the room stare at us like we were eating slugs. Which isn't true. And which makes me blush.

"Why so red Weaslette?" Draco teases me smirking.

"I'm not!" I hiss at him, unfortunately he just smirks at my statement and I blush even harder. Then here's me go and moves his head in a gesture for me to follow him where he is going out on a balcony.

"Ginny! What the bloody hell?!" Ron exclaims angrily and stands in the way for me so I can't go out.

"What Ron? You have a problem you can go suck moth with your date. Oh wait, you don't have one. Stop being such a child just because I got a date here and you didn't" I say and he goes bright red and sole boys and girls close to us starts giggling or just simply laugh out loud, even Harry starts laughing at this. Only for a second of course, then he goes back to gaping.

"Ginny Weasley! You're my little sister so I can't let you go around and be with Malfoy!" He growls and says his name in disgust while I only roll my eyes.

"Ronald, she has a free will you know?" Hermione interrupts and drags him away from me and I walk out on the balcony.

"Ginny!" He says happily and smiles brightly, then he goes back to being 'cool'.

"Draco" I say laughing and sits down in a chair next to Draco.

"Ginny, I've liked you for a while now and I think we're kind of dating... but I... err want to make it official, Y'know?" He says and for the first time I am entirely sure that he is blushing where his mystical, beautiful, grey eyes looks right into mine.

"Ginny Weasley, will you be my girlfriend?" He continues slowly and I jump right into him, hugging him tightly and he kisses my forehead, laughing.

"For Merlins sake! Of corse!" I answer and he hugs me tightly, resting his chin at my head.

"C'MON GINNY! DID WHAT I SAID BEFIRE NOT MENA ANYTHING TO YOU?!" We can hear Ron's voice shout from inside and almost everyone is gaping at us except Hermione and Alina who is only smiling at us.

"To bad, I though I had a shot with her..." we also hear Blaise say where he gets a elbow on him by George, Fred and Ron, quite painfully by the look of it.

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