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Choices by EleaFsrm
Choicesby Elea Devo
"The Hewitts had everything they wanted, but they also had a secret, and their greatest fear was that someone would discover it." Draco and Ginny didn't expect...
Girl power by BuieLove
Girl powerby Emi Riddle
Hermione, Ginny, and Luna learn the truth a about Dumbledore. What do they learn? Who else knows? Who are they really? What else is going on? Fred x Hermione George x L...
The Lion and The Serpent: A Love Story ❤️ by ginnyblaisemalfoy143
The Lion and The Serpent: A Love S...by GinnyBlaiseMalfoy143
A drinny fan-fiction - Does not follow original book plot. Not a typical Drinny story where ginny and Draco fall in love straight away!! Ginny is having a hard time in...
Unexpected (DRINNY) by alaskatheangel
Unexpected (DRINNY)by Princess Leah
Harry is gone. He just left without a word for a girl named Cho Chang. Ginny is furious which leads to unexpected events.
Hogwarts heirs by lunaestellechase
Hogwarts heirsby LunaEstrellaChase
Takes place before the war with Harry Hermione Ginny and Draco being the heirs
Drinny: You damn ferret by yeeter17713
Drinny: You damn ferretby Who now
"You filthy liar! I can't believe this. You get me to like you! You get me to love you! You get me to fucking care for you! And this is what I fucking get! You know...
Fueling Fire | Draco and Ginny {DRINNY} by BrowneyedPrincess05
Fueling Fire | Draco and Ginny {DR...by BrowneyedPrincess05
Draco + Ginny. **PREVIOUSLY CALLED TEMPTATION** _________________ The second wizarding war was over and many students were returning to Hogwarts to complete their school...
Drinny Oneshots by ThatShyGirl350
Drinny Oneshotsby WandaMaximoff350
Just a whole bunch of Drinny Oneshots! Enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just the plot. The characters and the HP Universe belongs to our queen J.K Rowling
Match Me~ Drinny by salini_rout_15
Match Me~ Drinnyby firefly15
When Draco Malfoy discovers his mother is dying and her last wish is to see him happily married with children, he signs up with a matchmaking service. Will he find love...
The Boy Who Lived (Harry Potter AU) by khokhopkar19
The Boy Who Lived (Harry Potter AU)by Akash Khopkar
Soul Bond Fanfic. Harry's parents live. Harry's grandparents also alive. HarryxHermione Only the OC's belong to me. The rest are JK's. ALL RIGHTS STAY WITH J.K.ROWLING!
Drinny by HarperIsPsycho
Drinnyby Harper IsPsyched
Draco has a crush on Ginny?! Ginny has a crush on Draco?! But Pansy has a big crush on Draco too!! And Harry has a huge crush on Ginny too!! How will it work out?!! COMP...
The Moon and the Lightning by luna_MoonWriter
The Moon and the Lightningby luna_MoonWriter
A love story between Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter.
I hate that I love u but..... Drinny Fanfiction! by AnniTheRuler
I hate that I love u but..... Drin...by Anni Gilleberg
Harry Breaks upp with Ginny! And leaves her all alone! But someone needs to save her but how...... It's a marriage law too!!! A/N I just wanna say that am not good att E...
Harry Potter- After The Wedding (sequel to Harry Potter- After The War) by harrygin1
Harry Potter- After The Wedding (s...by harrygin1
The sequel to Harry Potter - After the War
Harry Potter Instagram by krishapup
Harry Potter Instagramby Owl Knight
What if Harry Potter characters had phones? What if they had Instagram? None of the pictures are mine
My opinion on the Harry Potter ships. ('▽'ʃ♡ƪ) by JazzyTheGryffindor
My opinion on the Harry Potter shi...by AddictedToDrarry
Hello... I just decided to do one of these uh... thingos about the Harry Potter ships so... yeah. Here it is. Please tell me if I missed any. xD Oh, and if you see a di...
Traitor or Lover? (Drinny Fanfiction) by boneslen
Traitor or Lover? (Drinny Fanficti...by Leah
Unexpectedly, Draco Malfoy finds himself falling for the one and only Ginny Weasley. These newfound feelings baffle and confuse him, but he quickly finds that Ginny is t...
HP Ve Maradures trash by AliceJackson17
HP Ve Maradures trashby Alice
Harry Potter ve Çapulcular ile ilgili trashlar
..Forgive Me by huffIIepcff
..Forgive Meby •雷娜
"I promise, I'll do better." "And if you don't? What am I supposed to do?" "Walk away, because I'll deserve it." Harry Potter and Draco Mal...