Ch .6. (Pt II)

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Alex slowly walked towards the booths in the back silently hoping that no one was there, but to her dismay, two figures sat I the farthest booth talking in hushed tones. It seemed as if a tense conversation was taking place, as if her gaze summoned their attention, both figures turned to stare at her. Black swiveling pools of darkness collided with her own icy blue ones. it was too late to turn around now, Alexandra thought as she made her way further to the back and maneuvered towards them.

"do you guys need anything?" she asked with her usual fake cheerful tone once she was close enough to the table, both of the figures' gazes were still locked on her and it gave her an irksome feeling inside, a feeling that screamed 'RUN' to Alex, but she simply ignored it., she turned to face the figure on her left. a man, no more than thirty years old, sat hunched forward with his elbows on the table. His face was quite beautiful with a chiseled jaw and slightly tan complexion, his lips full and seemingly firm stretched into a fine line, chocolate colored eyes showing compassion contrasted drastically with his furrowed eyebrows and almost frustrated expression.

She turned to the left to look at the woman who'd locked eyes with her a few moments ago and was met with the same ruthless gaze, her charcoal hair was loose and cascading down one of her shoulders, her fair complexion free of any blemish and her dark tinted lips almost temptingly kissable. A fleeting thought passed through her mind, 'this woman is breathtaking' she thought 'but not as beautiful as Asha'.

As soon as she'd realized what she thought she shook her head in an effort to chase the thought away. The man that had sat silent so far cleared his throat loudly breaking the star contest between Alex and Ishtar. The blonde snapped her attention towards the man and gave him her signature 'faux' smile. He faintly smiled at her

"no, we're good" he began "we'll be sure to cal you if we do" he concluded and flashed the blonde a warm smile that didn't quite reach his eyes but she didn't fuss over it and took her leave, walking away from the strange duo.

After that weird encounter, the remainder of the day passed by in a blur and before she knew it, Alex was packing up and walking home. Something about the quietness of the night made her feel like she belonged there, in the warm embrace of darkness. Once she was inside her all too familiar apartment, Alexandra walked straight towards her bedroom. The sun had set and the hustle and bustle of the crowd would soon diminish and fade into silence. She grabbed her towel and her shampoo and body gel walking towards the bathroom for a warm shower.

Asha sat in her office doing paperwork and sorting the various businesses belonging to the vampire elders when Elia walked in followed by four vampires. Asha looked up and motioned for them to have a seat. She then proceeded to pile the paper and lock them into a drawer in her desk away from prying eyes.

The redhead vampire leaned back in her seat and looked at the vampires " I've called you here today because of your re-assignment. This mission will only concern the people in this room, you will report only to me. With that said I'll begin briefing you on your mission" she spoke, her tone confident and resolute, as if her moment of weakness from the previous day had never existed. Elia sat in Asha's office listening to her explain and stress how important this assignment was and how severe the consequences be if Amira, David, Genevieve and Gordon were to fail.

After she was done speaking and the vampires had accepted their mission, everyone exited the office leaving Asha and Elia to talk in private.

"so this is why you wanted these specific vampires. I see why you chose them, very strategic of you Asha" Elia said with a slight smile gracing his lips

the redhead nodded at him and reached for her pack of cigarettes lighting one and slipping it between her lips. She took a drag of it and exhaled the smoke after a few seconds.

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