Ch .10.

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(sooo the song is called Five Finger Death Punch- Coming down but I couldn't and wouldn't post the original music video, it's quite graphic and deals with the effects of bullying and self image but this attack on titan substitute is pretty cool)

A tense moment lingered in the bar after Iris left but the mercenaries soon followed jade into the hotel bar.
The offer was tempting enough to provide Iris with a variety of skill sets. One offer the other she assessed each and weighed his fortes and price demanded.

Withing a few hours, Iris had already selected her team of five. Two vampires, Dray and Alfred; a dragon shifter, Ronaldo or Ron for short; a witch, Rebecca; and a demon, Dante; were settled into the narrow booth in the dining hall waiting for Jade to make her appearance.

The Raven haired woman sauntered rather sexily into the hall, the attention of most patrons focused on the subtle sway of her hips. The team sat in anticipation, some more eager than others to embark on their time restricted missions.

The heavily tattooed Iris pulled a chair and set it across from all five members of her team.
"Now, let's get straight to business. There's a few items I need you to acquire. Some will put you in danger as I've already explained. Some will require a bit of persuasion on your end but whatever your task is, we're on a tight schedule." She looked at each of them in turn, locking her eyes to each of theirs. Some showed enthusiasm while others a total indifference. You could see the effect of their chosen careers through the scars that marred soul and skin.

" I'll be assigning tasks depending on individual skill requirements and the nature of the object you're supposed to obtain. Is everything clear?" Iris explained the need to know details individually to each of them, now she'd pair them up and set them off

Nods and furrowed eyebrows spread around the table but none of the five spoke up.

"Very well. Rebecca, the black market in Tokyo is renowned to sell some of the rarest plants and poisons known to civilization, given your particular skill set, I need you to acquire some Burgmansia Poison. It's essential to me and I entrust that you'll be very discreet"

She reached into the bag draped over the back of her chair and pulled out a roll of bills, an easy fifteen thousand in cash and handed it to the blonde woman
"This should cover the travel expenses and the price of two pure vials of the plant extract" Becca nodded lifting up her cloak to cover her honey blonde hair before excusing herself from the meeting.

Iris flashed a charming yet cold smile at the retreating form of the witch, she'd already stressed the importance of swift and effective action as well as the need to be very discrete.

The Demon she'd recruited was the son of the Demon King of the Sixth Realm, the royal blooded demon was powerful enough to get a sample of Bashaa or Sekhemet's blood. Just a vial or two. She asked one of the vampires to tag along without interfering if it wasn't necessary. Their task was simple subdue and withdraw.

Alfred had the simplest task of the five. Procure blood from several blood banks. This didn't require so much a specific set of skills rather than a specific set of connections, which apparently Alfred had. With that he was off leaving Jade sitting across from the Dragon shifter who wore a permanent scowl.

"Your journey to Piz Badile shouldn't be much of a problem but phoenixes are known to put up quite the fight. I trust you'll get the results I expect. Do it in a timely fashion and I'll pay you twice over of what we agreed on" Ronaldo arched an eyebrow at the proposal but nodded nonetheless. It's good money so he wouldn't mind putting a rush on that order.

As the last mercenary left the booth, the Raven haired vampire took a seat on the padded red leather bench of the booth just as a waitress came up to her with a dazzling smile

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