Ch .13. (Pt II)

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Asha greeted her two guests, head still burowed into her arms. She didn't want the company right now, she couldn't let anyone see her like this but it was her maker and her best friend. She couldn't exactly throw them out, could she?

"So I take it, the talk didn't go so well with Alex?" Jade asked as she plopped down into one of the chairs opposite to Asha's desk while the high elder took the other.

Asha lifted her head slowly And glared at the brunette DJ sitting across from her. It didn't take long for Jade to realise that the redheaded elder was upset. Asha's flared nostrils, furrowed brows and set jaw told Jade all she needed to know.

"Where do you get off sneaking into my loft, into my bathroom and then forcing my hand to tell Alex about Gabriel!" The redhead began shouting at the brunette DJ.

This wasn't a normal angry Asha. Hell this wasn't even a pissed off Asha. This was beyond anger, bubbling under Asha's skin was pure rage. The DJ shrunk down in her seat, head lowered and eyes cast down as if she was a child being scolded by her parents, and in a way she was.

"I'm sorry I didn't think-" jade had begun to say but Asha jumped to intervene

"Yes you didn't think! Because of you had used your brain for just a millisecond you would have thought to shut your mouth until I was back at the club or maybe used the fucking connection we all have" the elder's voice was dripping in venom, eyes ablaze with fury.

"Now now Asha, jade was merely doing what the high elders told her to do. What I told her to do" the raven haired vampire spoke calmly, unfazed by the other woman's tirade.

"Regardless of who's orders she was following. These is such a thing called respecting someone's privacy and decisions" The fierce vampire added lowering her voice but her tonality remained just as scathing.

Jade scoffed under her breath and chances a sideways glance at Asha only to find her glaring down "if you have anything to say Jade do it." the redhead announced only for the brunette to shake her head in dismissal

Ishtar, wanting to defuse the situation the situation, sent Nade off to check the music selection for the night before opening hours. Once the DJ was well outside of hearing range, Ishtar turned to Asha with a stern look

"An elder always keeps their composure dearest. Even when facing the gravest of errors, this violent outburst can only be perceived as a sign of weakness"

"I'm sorry Ishtar, that was out of line and I should have minded my attitude a lot better" the redheaded vampire sighed and let herself fall heavily into her chair "she might not accept this..." Ishtar breathed as she went for the door
"I know..."
Asha let her words linger as her creator left the office. She didn't make a move or attempt to work, she slumped in her chair and thought of how she could make it up to her mate

Iris has left the underground and returned to her loft near the club. She had everything she needed, all she had to do was rescue Gabriel and go to the witch and break the bond.

She couldn't shake the doubts that overwhelmed her. She could no longer feel Gabriel not communicate with him, the bond lingered between them but there was nothing else there. Just that invisible tie that seemed to drive them further apart.

The verdict has been made and the man that she once was devoted to wholeheartedly was sentenced to death, by lycan bite nonetheless.

Somewhere in her heart Iris knew his death would affect her very little but she wouldn't admit it to herself. The raven haired vampire thought back to Anna Lee and heaved a sigh.

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