Ch .3.

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First off, sorry I haven't updated when I should have. I've been sick and in the hospital. As soon as I could type the chapter and post it, I did.

Secondly, I hope you enjoy :)


The days that followed proved critical for both Alex and Asha. the council has arrived just as planned to discuss the current crisis, alex's vital signs had gotten better but she remained comatose.

Dr Cheyenne devoted her time fully to taking care of the blonde, no one had come asking about her, her description didn't match any of the missing persons report at nearby police stations, she remained anonymous.

The monotone clicking of the heart monitor didn't seem to upset the eerie feeling that reigned in the room. Cheyenne was seated by the bed reading a book by her favorite author, nothing seemed to have changed in the past hours and the doctor saw death looming overhead, Alex was, for all intents and purposes, dead.

Asha knocked on the door trying to snap Cheyenne out of her book.

"Asha... I didn't hear you come in" the doctor spoke up softly, Asha had taken a seat at the bottom of the king sized bed where Alex rested motionless.

"find out anything about her?" Cheyenne marked the page on her book and looked up at Asha

The redhead had a troubled look on her face, though she tried to hide it, Cheyenne could see right through her façade

"is there anything bothering you Asha?" she asked, her voice laced with concern.

Asha stared blankly at the wall opposite to where she sat. She let out a sigh and began to speak with a shaky voice

" her name is Alexandra Stone, goes by Alex though" Asha paused taking a deep breath to calm herself

"Chey, Alexandra is my downfall, my other half, she will be the death of me"

Asha seemed so sure of what she said yet so perplexed by it, Cheyenne couldn't wrap her mind around it...

Cheyenne shook her head protesting "she can't be, how did you know? That's not possible" she continued "she's just a human!"

Asha's expression turned into a mournful one "in time you'll see doc....any improvements?" Asha inquired closing her eyes and inhaling deeply

"her vitals are stable" sighed Cheyenne

"I honestly don't know why she haven't woken up yet" the doctor added.

"keep me updated will you Chey?" Asha asked almost pleadingly before heading out of the room, leaving Cheyenne to her book in hopes that Alex would wake up soon.

Ishtar was the last of the council members to arrive, with Viktor tagging along. Her journey was the farthest, from east Iraq to the west. Such a travel proved tiresome even for an elder vampire.

The elder retired to her room, attempting to unwind after such a strenuous voyage while vlad joined the rest of the council in preparation for the upcoming meeting.

With her luggage by the door, Ishtar began to undress languidly exposing tanned supple skin, the clothes she wore glided down her flesh and pooled at her feet. The elder sensed a change in the atmosphere, a very sweet and familiar scent lingered in the air.

Asha stood at the door admiring her former mentor and lover as the latter disrobed in tempting and sensual moves.

"still as beautiful as ever Ishtar" Asha spoke up, her voice melodic yet somehow nostalgic. Ishtar turned slowly and swayed her hips as she made her way towards the red-headed vampire

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