Ch .17.

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It took Asha a few minutes to cool off from her little outburst, what was happening to her? She was normally so calm and collected and now shes coming undone...

With a heavy sigh she had made her way to the Kishargal Crypt, where Bashaa and Ishtar had been waiting for her, where Alexandra had been buried.

Unlike the Etlu crypt, their crypt had been forged from the most expensive marble, the coffins dispersed in semi-arcs around the room. Asha furrowed her brows together as she walked towards the original immortal and the raven haired High Elder. Tight lipped, she gave a bow of respect to her superiors. Ishtar's eyes had still been cast down but she wasn't radiating intense guilt any more.

As she got closer, she noticed something wrong, Alex's marble tomb was open. The giant slab of stone set to the side, at first the redheaded vampire thought that Bashaa and Ishtar had opened it.

"Why in Hell would you two disturb her final resting place? Is it not enough what she's been through because of us? Because of me?!" Asha lamented, her voice tinged with pain and agony.

Ishtar had sighed slowly looking up for the first time since the blonde had died "we think the coffin's been opened...from the inside"

"From the inside? Are you fucking kidding me?" Asha snapped but ishtar said nothing

Asha groaned "just fucking great. Who's sick enough to steal Alex and Gabriel's bodies? Everything just keeps going to shit"

Bashaa stepped in almost immediately "what do you mean Gabriel's body has been taken too?"

"When you called me I was at the Etlu Crypt, his coffin burst from the inside, wood was scattered everywhere and his body was nowhere to be seen"

"Asha I asked you here because of Alex, I didn't think it would happen so soon but my guess is that Ishtar's blood sped up the process" the original immortal hypothesized thoughtfully

"What process?" Asha was confused...had Alex been turned because she was given vampire blood and it mixed with her immortal blood? Asha shook her head at the thought...

"Alex is my descendant on her father's side of the family, we knew as much before she died but we had assumed her mother was human. Thats the only explanation as to why she is, or seemed, human" Bashaa began his explanation and Asha was listening to every word he uttered with rapt attention

"So I'm assuming her mother isn't human?" she interjected briefly before the immortal resumed "quite right. Her mother had been wiped from all the human records and left out of some of my own for a very critical reason; Alexandra and her mother belong to a long and powerful lineage of what could only be described as god-like creatures that coexisted with my race long ago, shinigami, they balance out life and death. Creatures that hold the eternal balance, they escort the souls of the dead into whatever comes beyond this earthly realm" the original immortal remimisced with a wistful expression

"So basically, a Grimm Reaper?" seriously? A grimm reaper? This has got to be a joke...

"There's only very few of them left and those that remain don't reveal themselves, and I'm pretty sure your mate had no idea what she"

Could things get any more disturbing? Or confusing...Asha's mind was buzzing with thoughts and questions, her heart was pumping in overdrive and her mind racing...

This meant that...that Alex was alive and out there somewhere, wandering the streets confused and alone. Was she the one to bring Gabriel back? Did she take him to get some sort of sick revenge and killing him again?

No. No. Alex couldn't do that, not the Alex she knew; but this was no longer the Alex she knew. Death was in her nature now and if she'd gotten over her fear of the man who almost killed her, then would come rage and with rage was revenge...

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