Ch .1.

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The air weighed heavy with the uneasy silence that flooded the city's warehouse district, midnight rapidly approaching. In the cluster of red brick industrial buildings stood a more than mundane storage facility. The building looked quite ordinary, inconspicuous with its concrete exterior but nonetheless held a mysterious vibe to it.

The surroundings, much like the building itself, were dimly lit. the few existing lights sparsely aligned leaving enormous gaps of darkness in between. As the minutes passed and midnight crept closer, one by one, a group of men and women began to gather near the feebly lit side entrance of the building. The crowd seemed to split into three different groups and break out into insignificant banter among themselves.

It had only been minutes since the last of the crowd had arrived when the side door swung open with a loud thud, commanding everyone's attention. The gathered men and women fell silent as soon as it had  sprung open. The gathering soon directed their undivided attention towards the woman standing in the doorway, her figure half concealed by the shadows.

The indistinguishable figure stepped away from the shadows and glanced at the people mulling around. She stood with her hands firmly positioned on her narrow waist, her wine-red locks cascaded down her shapely shoulders and onto her supple frame, ending just below her ample breasts. Her complexion was an astounding shade of porcelain accentuating her feminine features, Her pallid pink lips curved slightly upwards in a satisfactory smirk but her green eyes, the shade of kryptonite, remained cold.

She motioned for everyone to step inside and soon enough everyone obliged, bowing their heads when they came near her showing their respect. Once they were all inside, the redhead followed suit locking the door quietly with a definitive click. Only a small portion was brightly lit inside the warehouse but the light was insufficient to illuminate more than a few feet aheead.

The red-headed woman came to stand before the group of strangers and examined each of the individuals carefully.

"Welcome all. I am Asha and this is where you will be educated about your new life." The ginger woman explained

Everyone's eyes were pinned on her while she stood there less than a few feet away from the weak light of the spotlights shining down on them, her emerald eyes shining in the darkness.

"as you all know, your lives as humans ended the night you accepted your master's gift." She paused briefly scanning the faces of the crowd. Some showed fear, some showed uncertainty and a select few showed excitement at their new lives.

"while you are here, you will learn our ways and our rules, you will be taught what it means to be a vampire away from all the glamour you've read in books and seen in movies." Asha continued to explain as she stood tall in the darkness that enveloped her.

"your education starts now. Listen up" Asha took a step forward and resumed "there are three bloodlines in vampirism, going all the way back to the three elder vampires Arshaka, Marduk, and my own creator, Ishtar" she paused minutely allowing them to process the information
"does anyone know what the bloodlines are called?" Asha questioned expecting absolute silence.

But much to her surprise, a young man at the back of the group hesitantly raised his hand, the blond blue eyed man seemed no older than 27 and Asha smiled to herself.

"you, in the back, what's your name?" she spoke up pointing at the blond man, the fledgling stepped forward, his head held up with pride and his posture was surely that of a military man Asha noted but made no comment about it .

"Obergefreiter Gabriel Stein ma'am" the blond man introduced himself with a heavy German accent confirming Asha's thoughts.

"tell me, Corporal, which of the bloodlines are you acquainted with?" Asha curiously inquired.

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