Ch. 21

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Ishtar and Amira had retired to the kitchen so the redheaded Elder and her paramour could get decent. The people in question gathered themselves from the carpeted hardwood floor, subtle smiles and sly smirks being exchanged as they got dressed.

Alex picked her discarded pants off the coffee table and slipped into them easily; the dark fabric accentuating the pale tone of her skin. The pale blue fabric that once was Asha's top had been ripped so thoroughly, it barely qualified as rags now. The redhead smirked widely "someone was in a hurry to mark me" she teased with a wink towards Alex.

The shinigami had the decency to blush "you can blame that on my over eager alter ego. I have as much control over her as you have control over a starving bear" Alex paused briefly "you can't control animals can you?" she wondered skeptically to which Asha simply chuckled and shook her head.

Asha sauntered over to the shinigami's bedroom, seeking out the still full closet. They had left the apartment exactly as it was, merely clearing out the food and locking up the windows and hatch to the roof. Asha couldn't bring herself to clear away the clothes or any of the books that remained strewn across the living room floor.

Alex was quick to follow her soul mate, wondering why said redhead was wandering inside her bedroom. Silently she hoped that it was less of a mess than she remembered it to be and was clearly surprised to find her room to be pristine and spotless.

"So we can't exactly have round two while your friends are here Asha" she muttered, still slightly upset that Amira had burst their peaceful post-coital bubble, but Asha threw open the door to her closet and strode in "I'm not here for round two love, I'm in here for a shirt since you ruined mine" the Elder chuckled, though the idea of round two was very tempting...until she remembered their current predicament courtesy of Gabriel.

"Maybe you should change too, you carry the stench of death with you" Asha jokingly added as an afterthought but Alexandra's frown prompted a clarification "you were buried in those clothes Alex, I thought you would wanna be in something more casual, not that the pants suit doesn't suit you..." the redhead stammered slightly.

"Though it's true, we are friends; Ishtar is or rather was my sire long ago. Amira is my subordinate on one end, but she's also one of the few individuals that I trust with my secrets. Hence why your security detail was up to her"

"Security detail? What security detail?" the shinigami frowned at her mate

Asha stopped abruptly "uh, well, you see, after Gabriel attacked you and you woke up, and I realized what you were to me, you up and left. You never even gave me a chance to explain or anything, so I may have told a few people to look after you"

Alexandra rolled her eyes with a sigh and pulled out her favorite jeans, tank top, boots and plaid shirt to get dressed. It didn't matter now what happened in her past life; this was her life now, talons and souls and a demi-god for an alter ego that could take over any second.

Asha didn't know how to take the silence but it seemed that Alex decided to get dressed instead of discussing this any further. The redheaded Elder chose a shirt at random before treading into the kitchen, leaving Alex to get dressed on her own.

Amira and Ishtar were sat at the blonde's kitchen island, each held a steaming mug of coffee as they chatted amicably.

The chatter stopped once the elder stepped into the room and cleared her throat "sorry about that Ishtar, but things couldn't be helped once you have a taste of a mate's blood; it's mostly downhill from there" she shrugged apologetically. Ishtar merely nodded in understanding even though she had yet to find her own soul mate; despite her lifetimes on this earth.

Amira cracked a smile yet remained quiet. They had more important issues to discuss now that the tension was put to an end.

"Since you got it out of your system, there are a few things we need to talk about." the Arabian princess spoke matter of factly. Why couldn't Gabriel just stay dead?

"Anna Lee briefed me on what happened. She got a good look at him and it looks like Alex's blood didn't only heal him, it allowed the lycan venom to morph his DNA instead of killing him," she explained briefly, they still didn't know how that was possible given the time between Gabriel feeding on Alex and him receiving the bite.

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