Ch .15.

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Iris had been left weakened after the bond was broken. She drained what remained of her supply slowly and the witch had let her stay while the vampire recuperated. Iris forced herself off the bed and set her feet on the ground, with much effort she was barely able to pull herself up and walked to the full length mirror across the room. The wound was now completely closed but the angry red scar still remained.

The raven haired vampire pulled her shirt on, picking up her helmet on the way out. Circe frowned as soon as she saw the vampire wander down the stairs, leather jacket thrown across her shoulder and helmet in hand.

"Where do you think you're going ? You need time to heal. You still have a week before the execution. That should give you enough time to get your mate out" the witch spoke matter if factly

"No time is enough for a dead man walking. I can't just barge in. Besides, Sekhemet should be expecting my return by now, I've been away for too long" Iris explained and nodded her gratitude to the witch.

After a brief exchange between them, concluding their business transaction, the vampire made her way into her bike and set out to go back home.

The ride was long and strenuous given the recent events but Iris made it anyway. She had no time to waste, with that in mind she made her way into the training compound to find Carmen, the woman she'd sired when Gabriel had brought the woman to Iris.

She remembered that night. How a panicked Gabriel came to her with a bloody mess of a woman in his arms. His face was streaked with tears and reddened by the cold outside. She took pity on him and turned the woman. she had agreed to sure her only if Gabriel attended the academy because as it appeared even under her tutelage, He was unable to control himself.

She scoffed at the thought, even Sekhemet and Zhi-Ming couldn't teach him control. It was either he didn't want to control his urges or he simply didn't have the will power and Iris didn't know which was worse.

How could she have known the wounded soldier she rescued would have so little control, or was it more of a conscious choice for Gabriel?

Every time she began to think these very thoughts, her doubt in the nature of her soldier grew tenfold. Was it always there? How could she have not known? Has she always seen it and chosen to ignore it?

Frustrated at her turmoil the onyx haired vampiress tightened her jaw. She had to find Carmen and now.

It didn't take her long to walk into the compound as if nothing had happened, most of them didn't know about her bond to Sekhemet being broken and so they welcomed her with open arms.

Carmen was in her office just like any other day, it helped that the brunette woman was a dutiful cop in her previous life and had carried the trait with her new identity. Once Iris had set foot in the office, Carmen was up on her feet greeting her site. The formalities forsaken for the moment, iris sat at the chair facing the desk with a heavy thud. The stress catching up with her once she relaxed her muscles.

"Iris, I...didn't expect to see you back, not for a while" Carmen smiled wearily

"Everything is on schedule. I'm here to ask for your help. I broke my sure bond to Sekhemet" the raven haired woman announced in a hushed tone.

Carmen furrowed her brows pensively "why did you do that iris, what do you need me to do? Are you leaving the compound? And what about my bond?" the brunette, so used to asking questions, began firing one after the other.

"Calm down Carmen. The bond between Gabriel, yourself and me is still intact but we've been severed from the rest of the clan" the onyx vampire spoke with a sigh
"So you know where they're keeping Gabriel? I want to talk to him" she added leaning back in the comfortable chair

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